This was the second time that the website crashed when I tried to find out the reason it was because of DDoS attacks some people were sending, I don’t know why the people want my website crashed, then I found out the reason.as you all people know some have been copying the novels and posting on their websites, it is one of those websites that has been sending me DDoS attacks, mainly it was this website http://onlinenovelreader.com/, I think their intention is to disrupt my web service after I post my chapters then they will copy my chapters and post on their website,after my website crashes then automatically people will go their website for reading and they will earn through ads.i am very disturbed emotionally, I do the hard work and translate the chapters, these people just pluck the fruit when it is ready and cut the tree so the original person who grew the tree will not be able to harvest until he grows the tree again and then this process keeps on repeating.i paid 100$ for the website and I have earned only 50$ ,so in a sense I haven’t earned anything and still need to get more 50$ to balance my loss, I did not have any intentions for sponsored chapters as I want people to enjoy the reading and let me just satisfied with the ads earnings but these people don’t have any intentions to let me earn through ads.my website is small and I can’t afford to upgrade my services so it is easy for it get crashed. I am really very disturbed emotionally and mentally, I had the intention to translate a chapter but I will do it after I stabilised myself.

I am sorry for this ranting and I also thank the people who have been supporting me.mostly chapters will come by this weekend or next week if I could motivate myself to translate.