Heavenly Farmer Chapter 93

New Chapter.

Chapter 93-Immortal Hive

i know that i didn’t inform anything and didn’t post anything for months, i feel that apologizing is not enough, things were complicated these months so i didn’t had any time to post or inform. Now,things have been sorted out and was going to start translating again, but then i saw a guy start to translate, i requested him and he accepted my selfish request to allow me to continue translating. i am really grateful to him.i really hope to translate this novel and finish it. i have decided that i will finish translation of this novel in this year. There are more than 200 chapters in this novels, so i guess there will be more frequent chapters release.

the chapter 91 and 92 i will edit and post it by this weekend.

If there are any mistakes, inform me.

I hope you enjoy.