Chapter delay + schedule change announcement

While I was translating today my laptop crashed again 😭 and it seems that I need to take it to repair, there is more than 50% of the things left to translate. I will translate it as soon as laptop comes back or by using phone if possible, there was also an announcement I had to make regarding the change of schedule, I was going to announce it when I was going to release the chapter. My exams are going to start from next week and i will be busy because of it till June ending, so I will be able to translate at most one chapter per week till June ending, but don’t be sad because as there is a good news, this is my last semester so after my exam finishes I will be able to concentrate on translation and will release 5 chapters or more per week and will even start patreon. Just please wait for sometime and I am really sorry for not keeping the word to release it today.