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Chapter delay

I have caught the flu, so this week I won’t be able to post any chapter, I am very sorry. I will try to make it up, and after this month mostly I will revert back to 2 or 1 chapter release per week till June ending, as I need to write final sem exams,

Heavenly Farmer Chapter Schedule

Friday-Sunday, one chapter a day( Totally three chapters a week) This schedule will be till June ending,after that i will release one chapter per day or two chapters per day.

Chapters on Wednesday

My glasses broke, so i am having trouble in using laptop for translation, i already translated half chapter, but because of my glasses breaking i am not able to there is delay in chapters, once i get new glasses i will start translating and try to release 4-5 chapters in this week.

Chapter delay

I was able to only translate half and then some works came because of which i was not able to do full translation, so mostly chapter will be coming tomorrow or day after tomorrow

chapters from friday

currently, i am very busy in RL, I will start releasing chapters from friday of both hevenly farmer and cultural invasion in different world.