Chapter 10-Life is like a Drama




“Put your hands out,” Shirley said.

Qiao Xiu generously reached his hand out, anyway, Qiao Xiu didn’t do anything, and in front of the watcher, nothing could be hidden.

Even if the female magician was found out, she would make Qiao Xiu send the human to the human world, for the sake of imperial security.

That’s right…repatriation rather direct execution.

Shirley was one of the leaders of the conservative faction in the demon world, and as a watcher, she always hated the senseless killing.

Qiao Xiu’s hand was held by her, she pulled up Qiao Xiu’s sleeves which showed his bare arm.

Qiao Xiu felt like he was seeing a traditional Chinese doctor, those old traditional Chinese doctors check the pulse like this.

“The magic is not in disorder….”

She put her hand on Qiao Xiu’s chest, she pulled closer the distance between her and Qiao Xiu, he could even smell her fragrance.

It smelled little bit kind of mix of gooseberry and clove.

“Fortunately, there is no residual effects.”

“Elder sister, what are you doing?”Qiao Xiu pulled down his sleeves and looked at Shirley.

“Did you forget the accident that you had last time while doing an experiment?”

“Of course not.”

Qiao Xiu remembers from the memory of the third prince that before going to the human world, he was not able to control his magic in an experiment, and was nearly swallowed by the chaos, although at final moment he controlled the magic outbreak, still his soul and body suffered great damage.

After that accident, the third prince made his mind to learn new magic in the human world, and after that, the memory has become somewhat blurred for Qiao Xiu.

He vaguely remembers that when the third prince exhausted his last bit of soul force to summon Zenas, then the collapsed soul met with another world’ himself.

“Don’t worry.I’m recovering well”

Although Shirley had a serious face, he could see the worry in her eyes, he opened his mouth in hoping to soother her unnecessary worry.

“Don’t…again do it.”

Shirley fixed Qiao Xiu’s collar and said to him in a serious tone.


“Then I’m going back to work, as soon as the possible handle that human in your room, and get rid of those humans in the prison, the prison is not a hotel.”

The watcher’s job was not in the imperial palace, all the year they wander around in the darkest corner of the city and deal with all sorts of nefarious criminals.

Shirley specially returned to the imperial palace to look at Qiao Xiu.

Qiao Xiu looked at Shirley’s departing back, he discovered that the relationship between the third prince and his siblings were not so tense.

Qiao Xiu even remembers in childhood the eldest brother taught second sister and third prince to study magic.

Except for royal demon race family identity, it was a very ordinary family, mutually supporting and caring for each other.

However, this relationship…..following the growth of siblings became thinner.

Qiao Xiu thought everyone was in this way, were they already became cold-blooded enough to neglect the family?

Qiao Xiu felt that the answer was negative.

He remembers the phrase the famous writer Haruki Murakami in Dance Dance Dance: you’re going to be an adult. Don’t be emotional, don’t have sneaking thought, don’t look back…to live one’s separate life…you have to be obedient, not all fish lives in the same sea.

That’s right not all fish would live in the same sea.

The oldest brother Knox grew up in a fortress and with the rank of general armed himself and stood up, for someday to use in war, let the humans acknowledge the status of demons.

The second sister inherited the capital’s management and wore a  mask called watcher who manages the order of the capital and has a conservative attitude towards human, she hopes to maintain the current peace than having war.

For the sake of their own ideal, they became adults and had to stand opposite to each other.Qiao Xiu could already envision the river of blood because of succession that would happen after 2 years.

In his point of view, both winners and loser were pitiful.

For the purpose of power to face one loved one, this person was most lamentable.

Qiao Xiu thinks that there is possibility to change this, it was not difficult to change people’s opinion as long as there was a suitable opportunity

Just like many people were able to believe in love after watching Titanic.

The essence born from movie, music or novel was to give audience power.

The time of literature and art end here, Qiao Xiu thought the female magician should be crouching out now.

“The person has left, miss Ciri.”

Qiao Xiu closed the door of the room and arrived near the bookshelf. He discovered a sheepskin scroll on the leftmost side of the bookshelf.

“Are You  planning to execute all those humans?”

Ciri came out from the back of the bookshelf, she had been eavesdropping on the conversation between Qiao Xiu’s and Shirley’s

She clearly heard the killer statement “get rid of”.

“Execution?It is too much trouble, I am going to let all go.”

“Let them go….?”

Ciri seemed like she was trying to make sure if she had heard it correctly by repeating it once again.

“There is a shortage of food in the demon world, and I have no reason to raise a group odd stranger. In a few days of time, I am going to put those villages back to their original village, or rather I will personally save them.”

Zenas brought 57 human being to the demon world, all of them were confined in the prison of the demon world, except Ciri who luckily escaped.

Most of the people were survivors from the village that had been ransacked by the robbers, how these villagers were needed to deal, Qiao Xiu had thought of it.

Let’s put them all back!no, it should be said that Qiao Xiu was personally going to save them from the imprisonment of demons!

“Beauty and the Beast” movie has three big scenes; first was town, the second was the snow mountains on the way to castle, and third was the castle.

The town life of Belle’s was only second to the main scene of the castle.

In a small town definitely, there was going to be lots of people, these all people were masses actors, although these masses of actors role were pitifully short.

However, in a good movie, one group outstanding actors were essential, they create an overall atmosphere of the film, which was the most important thing.

Where could he find extras in the world where there weren’t any actors?

Even if Qiao Xiu pull some human as a guest appearance their acting skills would be a problem.

So, the conclusion was very simple, a person playing his own character would have the best acting.

Qiao Xiu decided to use village and villagers as the town where Belle lives.

But in “Beauty and Beast” a hunter name Gaston also live in the small town, he was tall, handsome and quite popular with the townspeople, and has always been trying to woo Belle, but because of his arrogance, Belle never accepted him.

Gaston was also an essential part of the movies, and Qiao Xiu did not look for any other candidate, as he would be taking the role of this by himself.

So the next thing was act as a human hunter who strayed into the realm of the demon world and breaks into the prison where villagers were held and rescue them.

The villager would naturally worship Qiao Xiu or the character Gaston.

Life is like a drama, this sentence was indeed true.

Perhaps the villagers wouldn’t know that they were living in the story written by Qiao Xiu for filming.

But as long as the story was good enough then even if you know, it wouldn’t be a problem, right?for example, the female magician.

“Then, you will also let me go too!”

Ciri began to regret why she had used the ring so was her three years worth of food.

“I regret, I can’t.”

Qiao Xiu shook his head and expressed his disapproval.

“Why! I Was also tied up by you” Ciri cried out.

“Because you know too much. ”

Qiao Xiu thought for a moment and answered her with a very classic dialogue.