Chapter 11-Actor




“Your Highness, are you going to hijack the prison?”

Zenas had just made the water element servant go to the succubus boy to clean his body, changed him to an appropriate men’s clothing and arrived in front of Qiao Xiu, then he once again learned about Qiao Xiu’s latest command.

Zenas wasn’t surprised of Qiao Xiu’s idea which was almost close to the path of self-destruction, since the time Qiao Xiu was born he had been following him as a guard on his side and was already accustomed to this things.

In the past Qiao Xiu came up with several ideas that would even frighten the dead person, the idea of hijacking the prison was still the light one. Two years ago, third prince’s experiment almost tore down the walls of the imperial palace.

“It is not real hijacking.It’s just a metaphor.”

Qiao Xiu motioned Zenas to not expose the “eager to try” expression.

To provoke the authority of Watcher at this time was certainly an irrational thing.

“I have decided to act as a human hunter and rescue the humans from the prison, and of course Watchers know all of this in advance. It is simply a performance, a performance where the people think they have been saved.”

“Performance….Your highness you letting off those humans is already enough kindness”

Initially, when Qiao Xiu decided to detain the humans, Zenas thought they were going to be used in an experiment.

“Kindness? I am not letting them go because of kindness, I instead hope those people can obediently cooperate with me to do something. Zenas, by force how many do you think you can make them surrender to me?”

Qiao Xiu threw another question to his most loyal subordinate.

“Most of them, the human race is extremely timid.”

When Zenas uttered the word, Qiao Xiu felt depression in his tone.

In the sense of Crime demon Zenas, the individuals of the human race were too weak, weak to the point where from the spit of his fire the humans would be burned to charcoal.

However, Zenas had to admit that there were some very strong exceptions in the human race, and that was why although human race was repulsive, Zenas never dare to look down upon them.

When Zenas restrained his flames and tried to communicate with a human, the reaction was the human was frightened to terror.

“Indeed, most of the people, under the threat of life will compromise, but you are using force to surrender them to you, but when you leave?They will try their best to escape, and even will also try to kill you when you lose the power.”

Fear was the most efficient way to control a person and was also the stupidest method.

In this way the aggression and plundering occur in war, the strongest military powered country easily occupies the weak countries, but the people of the country would never yield.They would try their best to raise a revolution to resist!

Such was the nature of human, and weak people have a crazy side.

“So, I adopt this kind of….tactful method.”

Qiao Xiu looked at the Crime demon …. And it seemed like he still did not understand the meaning of Qiao Xiu’s words.

“Zenas, can you imagine that one day humans will be no longer hostile to you and afraid of you, but will have a worship like an attitude.Some people especially to see you will come from far places, competing to give you flowers, and also will want to take group photo and autographs?”

Zenas doesn’t know what the group photo or autograph means but,….Zenas looked at his claws, which was sharp enough to cut off everything, the quiet green flamed were jumping and overflowing with his hands.

His hideous hands were destined to be unable to pick up something so fragile like “flowers”.


“I am sorry Lord,…….. I am unable to imagine it.”

Zenas had tried many times before, it was not only human but also many other demons in the demon world that have an attitude of fear towards Crime demons. Let alone getting close, when they see his appearance they would run far away from him.

“That day will come, believe me, Zenas, you will be a superstar, girls will scream for just touching your mane, and will be proud because they were standing with you…..What I am doing now is  just for that day.”

Qiao Xiu took out a piece of parchment paper, map of prison was drawn on it.

The prison was near the imperial palace, here it was not like earth, basically, in the demon world the higher the status the stronger the power of the existence, they were certainly not afraid of these criminals and also had means to deter the criminals.

Qiao Xiu painted a red circle, it was the torture room in the prison, where was the location of the portal Qiao Xiu desired. The detail of the plan was all delivered to Ciri in the form of letters.

“Zenas, you go here and set up a portal, when I make this gesture, open it.”

Qiao Xiu made a sound from his finger, he did not consider the feelings of chief warden of the prison.

However, the torture room and prisoners cage were separated by several barriers, so Qiao Xiu didn’t need to worry about other criminal escaping.


Although Zenas didn’t understand the meaning of the Qiao Xiu’s words, he felt a strange sense of expectation.

Because he was calmly able to talk with other since birth, except for Qiao Xiu and other chaos demon race he didn’t have anyone.

Who doesn’t like to have a friend?There were no absolute social animals in the world, tigers would also need a companion during mating season.

So, Zenas took the sheepskin scroll and accepted Qiao Xiu’s order, and quickly walked away.

Next, Qiao Xiu had to arrange the “Beauty and Beast’s” heroine’s task.

Qio Xiu turned and looked at Ino who was standing in the room.

Currently, Ino was changed into a decent men’s suit, it was plain, but was much higher than the poor quality rag.

Qiao Xiu has to exclaim the race of Ino, it was worth of succubus, even if Ino was wearing men’s suit, his every move was enough to arouse any men’s desire to protect him, it was a bit like holding long ears of shrinking rabbits.

“Your Highness, may I ask what can I do? No matter it was to clean or to serve, I am qualified.”

The dress was not comfortable for Ino, as he had to put away his wings and tails in order to wear this dress.

The succubus tribe had the trait to change a part of body’s appearance, the tail and wings were just that part, but Ino rarely does it.

“I have already told, I didn’t hire you as my servant, Ino I need your acting skills.In another way, I need your ability to deceive others, Aren’t succubus good at this?”

There was not much time to cultivate the relationship with this succubus, so he would cultivate directly when he was filming.

“The first task I am giving you is to sneak into the group of imprisoned human beings as a human, you will act as a courageous and curious girl, called Belle”