Chapter 14- Action




Before leaving, Qiao Xiu reorganized the inheritance left by the third prince. When he had finished organizing a part, he discovered that one of the demon prince’s invention was comparable to Doraemon’s dimensional pocket.

Inside it there was a large pile of strange works, Qiao Xiu succeeded in finding a ring that could be used in his current stage.

This ring was called as ‘transformation ring’. And the more trendy call was ‘Qiao Xiu Yanarhod’s ring of the commandment’, this ring was engraved with a magic that could affect the spirit of people around you, as long as this ring was put on, it would make you look like another person in the eyes of people around you.

When Zenas killed the robbers, the villagers and caravan members had seen Zenas talking to Qiao Xiu, so it was impossible for Qiao Xiu to pretend as a human and merge with them, therefore, he had to find a way to change his face.


When Qiao Xiu was pondering over how to test the ring, a strange sound was heard in his ear, he took a look and found out that it was coming from the female magician Ciri’s position.

This moment, there was a dining table placed in Qiao Xiu’s room, on the dining table the water element servant has set up the dinner, the dinner could be regarded as a feast…well, at least for programmer like Qiao Xiu who only eat instant noodles at night, the table with barbeque kind of food was considered extremely sumptuous.

For Ciri, the food on the dining table was a delicacy that she could not eat for a month.

Driven by hunger, she didn’t have any ladylike manners while eating the meal, and even her only intellectual career as a magician image was destroyed by her bulging cheeks.

Instead, seems little adorable, to use jargon, it was dumb and stupid.

“ I advise you not to eat too much, miss Ciri, soon we have a lot of physical work to do.”

Qiao Xiu pushed a glass of water in front of her and watched as she was patting her chest, apparently, she was choking.

“What physical work?And how did your appearance change?”

Ciri took the water glass pushed by Qiao Xiu, and completely emptied the liquid content, while at the same time losing the title “the first female magician to be choked to death in history”

“It is just a small trick, this, is not the point, did you forget about the prison plan that was going to start in the morning?”

Qiao Xiu took off his ring, Ciri this newcomer magician could see some faults, apparently, this ring could be only used to deceive ordinary people who have a very low understanding of magic, but it was enough.

“Did not forget, but you are not worried about troubles.”

Ciri swiped the corners of her mouth with the napkin on the table, just a moment ago what Qiao Xiu said, Ciri had only listened roughly, after all, her attention was focused on the delicious aroma of the food that was on the table.

Even if she had listened roughly, Ciri more or less had the idea what Qiao Xiu was going to do next.

“In order to create a good movie, this little bit of work is not troublesome at all.”

It was praise for the fact that Qiao Xiu’s current shooting condition was more simpler than compared to earth.

A good movie on earth from shooting to production takes a long time, like movie “Castaway”, this movie from shooting to screening took one and half year period of time, and among that one year, they had to wait for male lead actor’s hair and beard to grow at the right length.

Now the only advantage Qiao Xiu has his own memory and the performers of the world itself.

Qiao Xiu remembers every movie each scene, so while filming Qiao Xiu does not need to consider the scene  ‘to use what kind of shot to express’ like professional questions, it was enough for Qiao Xiu to completely reshoot the movies, the difference would be the different actors.

“I still don’t understand what you are talking about, but I’d like to see the end of “ Beauty and the devil”.

Sure enough, Ciri nevertheless was extremely concerned about the story, the script put on the desk by Qiao Xiu, Ciri merely looked at the conclusion to find Qiao Xiu did not write anything.

If it weren’t for the fact the Ciri was very hungry and she would have died if she didn’t eat, maybe she would really have suffered from curiosity.

“You will know the end in a few days, now it’s time to start work.”

Qiao Xiu calculated the time, it was early hours of the morning and it has been almost four hours since Eno was closed up in the prison.

If Eno’s acting was qualified enough, then these four hours was enough for villagers to accept her.

Qiao Xiu put on the ring, changed into a dignified robe and then picked up the wand which he had no use…………

Qiao Xiu spent four hours to peel the wooden stick to the wand, therefore there was no other function beside it being a decoration.

The current image of Qiao Xiu was complete of skilled magician image.

“Isn’t it good to say end right now?Oh………. I got it!”.

With some reluctance Ciri stood up before it was the threat of life she had to obey Qiao Xiu, now it was driven by conscience.

Before escaping from prison, she had promised to go back and save the villagers, although it was a lie as she didn’t think it would happen.

Ciri was playing the role of Qiao Xiu’s assistant.

In relation to their lives, the female magician could trust him, not to mention Qiao Xiu has fulfilled the promise to”follow me and can have meat to eat” but also would tell her the end of the script.

To help other escaping out of prison, Qiao Xiu had done this several time, though it was done inside a game, at least there was rehearsal ahead of time, and Qiao Xiu also have some mental preparation.

The capital’s prison was very close.

It took more than half an hour for Qiao Xiu to see the quiet green light emitting prison under the curtain of night.

“Miss Ciri, please relax your heart.The people of the demon world also have thought of common residents, they will not hurt you.”

All the way, Ciri has been walking nervously, after all, she was a human!It was remarkable how much attention has been paid to human walking in the streets of the demon.

She could hear the whispers from the corner of the street, “it looks good to eat’, and ”smells wonderful”, which made her shiver.

However, she was not a pushover, and word ‘timid’ was never suitable for Siri, she rolled her sleeves, picked up her small magic wand and was ready to fight with others.

This was the jungle law she learned in the jungle when she had confronted a bear!

In the moment to face to face with enemies in instant to create momentum.Just a few ordinary demons, Ciri even with her magic wand could put them down.

However, the reminder of Qiao Xiu and pointing a motion towards her neck made the all morale and momentum disappear.

The wild beast would never win against despicable hunter!Also, she was nothing like any wild beast, at best she was a feline creature with little sharp claws, like a cat.

“Here, we are.”

Qiao Xiu stopped in front of the prison, then a few guardians emerged from shadows of the building and made a ”please’ sign to Qiao Xiu.