Chapter 15-Escape




“Belle, Did you decide where you will go after escaping from here?”

After few hours of chat, Marina was already fond of this enthusiastic and optimistic little girl, and under the influence of her, the whole prison’s gloomy and despair mood changed a little bit.

At least villagers were willing to chat for few days to ease the tension and anxiety brought by the impending death.

“Not yet. The father always wanted me to go to school in a big city, I also want to go to the library in the big city and have a look, there must be a lot of books, right?”

In the script given by Qiao Xiu, the image Ino established was successfully accepted by the villagers, and she also became the center of the whole prison.

Just like a group of people drifting in the cold, dark Atlantic ocean at night, then suddenly seeing a light.

Although they don’t’ know how far the shore was, at least there was some comfort inside.

“Of course. There is a city called Nolan, where the library tower is hundreds of meters high. Belle, I can take you there.”

Marina did not give up hope, therefore she thought of all the good things happening after escaping from the prison, this small hope came from the little girl in front of her.

Possibly, this was God’s way to make up for Marina? She met her at the lowest point in her life…..

If this child was really homeless. Marina wanted to make her as her daughter, in the future she will be accompanied by her. Marina felt she would be never lonely again.

But the premise was if they could escape from the prison, so that her life would have the chance to continue, no… it was the little girl’s’ life must continue.

Therefore, Marina started to pray to gods, and this was the first time she was praying to god, it was not for herself, but for the little girl in front of her.

Her prayers were soon answered, of course, it was not gods, but from the demons.

The devil’s way of handling business was more efficient than gods.

From the prison, again strange voices came, a crow appeared on the outside of the cell, it looked at the people in the cell with its crooked head, then waving its wings, it flew next to the window ledge.

Then two figure walked out of the darkness from the extremity of the prison door.

These two figures were not the masked jailors.

“The magician!”

“The female magician has really come back!”

The villagers recognized one of the figures as Ciri who escaped.

With excitement they ran to end of the prison cell edge, with both hands holding on edge’s rusted iron, their excited mood seemed incomparable, it was not inferior to the time when national soccer team would score a goal and nearly everyone would be cheering loudly.

Qiao Xiu could understand their mood; the joy and excitement of a desperate man could not summarize in a word or two.

But now Qiao finally understood that mass prison break was only possible during the French revolution.

If it wasn’t for Qiao Xiu buying all the jailers in advance, their cried shout would have sent them next second to the guillotine.

“Please be quiet, Don’t draw the attention of the jailers!”

Good… although the jailer has been already starting from the side.

Qiao Xiu looked at two Jailers hiding in the shadows beside them, who came to spy on Qiao Xiu, to prevent Qiao Xiu from taking any other creature other than these little harmless animals.

However, it was still necessary to perform a full set of acting, do not knot know what would be the feeling of humans if they know that their every action and moment were under the gaze of jailers.

However, currently, Qiao Xiu still felt stimulating to prison break under the watchful eyes of Jailers.

Qiao Xiu deliberately lowered his voice and said.

The sound was small, but more than 30  villagers who were in prison heard it all.

Because their attention was focused on Qiao Xiu.

“He …he’s my…. Teacher…..Yes…. Teacher…..”

Perhaps Qiao Xiu has read the book “An Actor Prepares”, but Ciri has not read it, she was first time deceiving so many people.(TN:An Actor Prepares is the first of Konstantin Stanislavski’s books on acting)

In fact, the biggest pressure on Ciri was nearby two watchers.

However, in order to see the ending of the “Beauty and the demon” as soon as possible, she tried as much as possible to Coordinate with Qiao Xiu and play her own role.

“I will immediately rescue everyone, after coming out everyone must follow me, this is a demon world, running around here might not result in simple thing such as losing the life.”

Qiao Xiu was playing the role of a skilled magician as far as possible, in the script gaston’s role was of a hunter.

However…… a human hunter with a flintlock in the demon world, but also easily able to access prison of the devil?

This world’s hunter couldn’t use quick shots. In this world, the close combat hunters were the majority, that was so-called Devil hunters.

So a magician with infinite possibilities was more plausible.

The grey magic from Qiao Xiu’s hand overflowed and instantly tore down the section of rusty iron block prison door which was without any magic inscription protection.

Qiao Xiu did not conceal his unique magic, this thing in the human world was a rare talent, even some very old magician might not have heard about it.

The dark and gloomy atmosphere of the prison has poured cold water on the villager’s excitement.

“This way.”

Qiao Xiu did not hesitate to lead the group towards the area where a portal was built by the Zenas.

The torture chamber was the location where the portal built and it was located in the inner part of the prison, the people could only rely on Qiao Xiu to lead.

Under the friendship of two jailers lead, Qiao Xiu along with 32 humans came to torture cell.

The portal has started, and light blue slowly spun in the torture chamber.

Seeing the shadow of the forest behind the portal, the villager gave up their thinking completely and excitedly ran towards the portal.

“Lord magician…. May I know your name, please?”

At the end of the queue, an elderly woman stopped in front of the portal, and Qiao Xiu noticed that Ino was following that woman.

She could play Belle’s father role….. No…. the mother’s role?

“Gaston, Call me Gaston. If you want to thank, then say it again after escaping safely.”

Qiao Xiu urged.

She nodded and took Ino’s hand and entered the portal.

From the moment everyone stepped into the transmission portal, the preface chapter of beauty and the demon began

Zenas’ huge body at the moment appeared at the transmission portal of the torture chamber, he was holding a suitcase, the size of the box was like a briefcase, but inside it was equipped with Qiao Xiu’s full set of filming equipment.

“Troubled you, Zenas.”

Qiao Xiu accepted the box from Zenas’ hand, the space inside the box was much larger than its appearance, Although it was not comparable to “magizoologist” Newt Scamander’s magical suitcase.(Tn: Fantastic Beast and Where to find them.)

Qiao Xiu examined the equipment inside the suitcase, the camera and storage card were together, and there was the bottle of invisible powder to hide his body.

Officially, the filming of the movie “Beauty and the Demon has started.”

“Don’t you want to know the ending of the story, Ciri?So from now on keep your eyes open.”

Qiao Xiu picked up the suitcase and entered the portal

“Write it first!”

God knows when Qiao Xiu would complete filming, If Ciri could win against Qiao Xiu, she would really want to put the guy in the desk, holding the knife on his neck and urge him to write the ending!

Ciri just had thought about it. She didn’t want to stay any longer in the demon world and quickly ran towards the portal.

Zenas stood in the torture room and watched Qiao Xiu leave, he was preparing to follow Qiao Xiu’s next plan, then suddenly he smelled human’s scent….

He looked out of the torture chamber and looked into the prison corridor, he saw a little human girl was at loss and was running around all over the place.

She seems to be separated from her parent or she had long lost her parent, anyway, this human girl has undoubtedly fallen behind.

She was alone in the middle of this dangerous demon world, she wouldn’t be able to live much longer

In the past, Zenas would have never cared about human life, but the order Qiao Xiu issued to him as far as possible to make humans return back to their world.

The fierce crime demon hesitated for a moment, and finally came out from the torture room and then arrived in front of the little girl.

“Human, exit to your world is there!”

Zenas made is tone little friendly and pointed his fingers towards the torture chamber.

However, no matter how much his tone was friendly, the flame spewing from his mouth and the magma flowing from his gap in the skin made that little to cry out in fear.


Seeing the scene, Zenas was entangled. If an enemy cries in front of him, he could tear them apart without hesitation, but she was just a little child… not an enemy.

Zenas looked at his hand, and even if he wants to hold the child and put her in the portal, his sharps claws might take her life.

“You will be a superstar, girls will scream for just touching your mane, and will be proud because they were standing with you…”

Zenas suddenly remembered the word Qiao Xiu said not long ago…..

It was impossible.

Faced with the scared crying little girl, Zenas found that there was only one way of stopping her crying.

He moved his feet, and his huge body went into shadows again, until it was completely disappeared.