Chapter 16- Shooting

The village that was ransacked by robbers was called Mokena village. It was located at foot of the northwest mountains of Magical Capital City, Nolan. Most of the houses in the village were wooden houses.

Before robbers came and ransacked, a large part of the villagers had hidden in the forest. Only a small portion was taken by the Zenas.

So when Qiao Xiu rescued the villagers from the demon world, the small village had a few touching reunions.

After hugs and tears, it was followed by the celebration of the safety of their families. The villagers gathered in the largest wooden house to celebrate.

“Why don’t we sit for a while and drink goat’s milk till satisfaction?”

Unfortunately, Ciri couldn’t stay at the party for a longer time and had to leave with Qiao Xiu.

“Because the shots I need has been taken.”

A large number of images has been recorded by the Source Crystal in the Qiao Xiu’s hand.

These images came from a moment ago when Qiao Xiu took part with villagers in the celebration. In the “Beauty and the Beast,” there was tavern where villagers especially praised Gaston’ show. Therefore, Qiao Xiu took this opportunity to successfully film the villager’s admiration towards Gaston.

The process of shooting was smoother than Qiao Xiu had imagined. And even the most difficult part of Qiao Xiu’s project was solved.

The “Beauty and the Beast” movie form has Disney’s consistent distinguish quality, that was to describe certain storyline with the use of opera.

The beginning of the “Beauty and the Beast” film opens with Chorus of townspeople and Belle.

He did not want to destroy the original flavor of the Disney film, and also had hoped to restore the original atmosphere as much as possible while making the adaptation of the film.

Fortunately, the difficult problem which was troubling Qiao Xiu seemed to be non-existent from the very beginning.

Because the villagers in this village were really….. able to sing and dance well.

Qiao Xiu had just seen an elderly villager who was describing his experience in the demon world in an opera like manner.

Qiao Xiu had not studied the traditional opera, so he couldn’t judge if it was good or bad, he could only give a comment that it was pleasant to hear.

Thus, Qiao Xiu didn’t need to worry about this matter. Ino was a succubus, her succubus voice had mind influence function like legendary Sirens. Qiao Xiu’s race spiritual resistance was too high, so he didn’t feel anything.

However ordinary humans could really be affected by Ino’s voice and this was only a subtle effect, for example, the most direct manifestation was sexual impulse while seeing the succubus.

So as long as these villagers hear Ino’s songs, they wouldn’t able to help but to participate with her.

Remaining was for Qiao Xiu to film the scene between Belle and her Father, or to speak her mother, to formally start the shooting of the “Beauty and the Demon”, this was a most important part.

Qiao Xiu took out the invisible powder from the suitcase, this powder was not made by the third prince, but was the crystal left behind after some formidable spirit dies, this was so-called monster source material.

This kind of powder was very expensive in the human world and has lots of function. It was an expensive alchemy material and it could make anything invisible attached to it.

“You… you are going to use ghost dust!

It was evident that Ciri knew what was inside the jar of Qiao Xiu’s hand, it would only take a handful of this thing to pay for this poor girl’s ten years worth of meal.

Qiao Xiu ruthlessly gave her ten years worth of meal to an unknown magic guide machine to eat!

“What’s wrong with it?”

Qiao Xiu picked up the invisible powder inside the jar in his hand and spread it over the camera and soon, the camera like a chameleon blended into the surrounding landscape.


In any case, it was not Ciri’s and she should not need to feel hurt.

“Then close your eyes”

Qiao Xiu told her while holding the invisible powder in his hand.

“I think… I should not need this much.”

Currently, Ciri really wanted to throw a book of alchemy on his face and tell him how precious that thing was.

“It’s a necessary investment.”

Except for some small budget masterpiece and CULT films, what movie masterpiece investment hasn’t been high, some producers in order to produce the best result they would not even consider about budget thing.

Although Qiao Xiu doesn’t have that type of consciousness to throw away the money, Qiao Xiu always believed that the expensive thing which doesn’t have any effect was not worth the penny!

Qiao Xiu mercilessly sprinkled the alchemy powder on Ciri’s long silver hair. When the white powder touched Ciri’s long hair, Ciri’s hair started becoming transparent… The scientific way to describe was the light was refracted by the powder.

However, this was a world of magic, Qiao Xiu does not intend to use his previous knowledge to figure out this world.For example, the magic camera, if it did not have any magic inscription engraved on it, then at best it would be a useless box.

When both Qiao Xiu and Ciri were covered by the dust, Qiao Xiu was able to experience the pleasure of invisibility cloak in Harry Potter.

“Let’s start work”

Qiao Xiu sensed with his feeling, then took the camera and threw the original spar covered with invisible powder to Ciri and walked towards the edge of the village

Ciri looked at her completely transparent arm, if it weren’t for the crystal in the neck that restricted her activity, she would have taken this opportunity to run away, or…. use this opportunity to knock on the demon prince’s head?

Shiri looked at the back of Qiao Xiu, she took out the wand from the robe, then hesitated for a moment and gave up on the suicidal attempt.

“You hired me to help you carry these things?”

Ciri quickened her pace and ran to the side of Qiao Xi and couldn’t help but ask the question. Although Qiao Xiu had entered in invisibility state, she could still locate the position of Qiao Xiu through the footprints on the grass.

“Present stage, this is the work, but  there might be some more special work in the future”

“More special….”

Wouldn’t it to lie down on a bed, right? Ciri covered her not much big chest with her hand, but after thinking she felt it was impossible. She does not think that she was beautiful. At least compared to the succubus around Qiao Xiu, her charm was not worth mentioning.

“ It will be a much more interesting job than a magician, it’s time to start your work miss Ciri”

Qiao Xiu came to edge of the village with Ciri.

The businesswoman Merlina’s temporary house was near the forest. In the village, she could only be considered an outsider, so she chose not to participate in villagers celebration.

Under the arrangement of Qiao Xiu’s script, Ino was living with her. Through the window, Qiao Xiu could see what Ino was talking with Merlina.

With her acting skill, Ino had succeeded in winning the trust of the businesswoman or to be more appropriate… heart?

Qiao Xiu did not have the copy, so he had to rely on his memory to record every shot he needed and compare with the original.

Next scene was “Belle And her mother’