Chapter 17- False Beauty

The fire in the fireplace made crackling noises, Marina was sitting nearby it, looking at the leaping flames. The warmth from the fire dispelled the moisture and coldness of her body and reminded her of the fact that she was still alive.

Marina was already old, she was too old to be celebrating like a young man. After the bankrupt and death of husband, she has been living in order to complete his husband’s last wish. Originally, she was ready to finish her miserable life in the Demon world, but she survived.

Not only survived but also got a new goal from God in order to keep on living.

“Belle, I will be going to city day after tomorrow.”

Marina turned her head and looked at the girl sitting on the other side of the fireplace. Ino holding the book in front of the fireplace was flipping through it.

There was no such precious thing like books in the village, this book came from Marina’s little leftover possessions.

The robbers looting has destroyed almost all her possession, but there was still somethings left, such as a carriage and an old horse.

Thankfully, money was the thing which she always carries with her, and even if she was not having goods, she still has some properties in Nolan, the magic capital.

As long as people were alive, there would be always a way to live, however, now Marina not only has to live but also let the girl who likes to read to send school.

“City?Aunt Marina… Can you take me there?”

Ino’s sight moved away from the book and asked. In fact, Ino could not read human words, he even doesn’t know the language of Demons.

In the past, he used to live at the bottom of the Demon’s society, he couldn’t even think about learning. He could only think of living under pressure and criticism every day. So, the book in Ino’s hand was just to play the role given by Qiao Xiu and deceive the human being in front of him.

Marina has no doubt that her feeling for Ino was getting deeper and deeper. She has spent the most difficult period of her life with her. Although it was just half a day, Marina has started treating Ino as her own daughter.

“Well, after some time, only two people can go in the carriage. Don’t’ worry, I will come back and take you to the big city, where there are libraries full of books, and I will let you go to school to learn whatever you want.”

Marina’s servant was in stable taking care of the old horse and carriage. The body of Marina was no longer fit to drive the carriage, and could only rely on the hired servant to help her go to Nolan.

It takes about three days to get to Nolan from this small village, and two trips would take about nine days.

“Thank you, Aunt Marina. I don’t know how to thank you Enough.”

Ino didn’t know where the kindness of the human being in front of him was coming from. He had lived in the Demon world for so many years, and no one has ever been so good to him.

No……Maybe it was because he was different now because he was Belle, a beautiful and kind human girl.

If Marina knows about his true identity as an inferior succubus, she would be disgusted like how those in the demon world treat as her like trash.

So Ino didn’t think too much about it, he just did as much as he could to complete the task which Qiao Xiu gave him, and that was the way of living as Ino, not the fictional character Belle.

“Never Mind, child if you can get a good result in school in future, it will be the greatest gratitude to me.”

Marina has already begun to look forward to her future life in Nolan.

Ino was now in the midst of a torment called, ‘Boss is staring at your work.’

As he has succubus bloodline, he could vaguely feel that Qiao Xiu has entered into the room, she could feel the sight of Qiao Xiu… The feeling of being watched by the higher demon could not have been more familiar to Ino.

“Belle, what’s wrong with you?”

Marina saw the uneasy look on Ino’s face.

She thought that Ino might have thought about some bad memories, such as the scene when her parents were killed by the robbers. So she put her hand on Ino’s Hand.


Ino was slightly stunned and felt the temperature from the back of his hand, and instantly the uneasiness in his heart was instantly smoothed by Marina’s concern.

Is this what’s called care? It is…..Incredible.

Despite knowing that everything in front of him was just a moon’s reflection in the water and would lose everything when Qiao Xius mission was over, but it seemed good to enjoy the current warmth moment. (TN: moon’s reflection in the water- illusion or not true)


“Is it really good to deceive an old person like this?”

Ciri had just come out of Marina’s house and a light rain had fallen on her body, washing away all the invisible powder.

“Deceive? As far as your human concept is concerned we demons specialize in this line of work.”

Qiao Xiu shoved his camera along with Source crystal that had recorded the image into his suitcase. With the help of Ciri, Qiao Xiu spent nearly an afternoon to reconstruct the approximate film shot.

Although the layout of the scene was not satisfactory, to get a beautiful scene like in Disney was not realistic to achieve in this small village.

“It seems like… that’s true”

Ciri recalled the human perception of the demons, in addition to being cruel and evil there was also them being cunning and despicable.

It was like if you hear a demon’s whisper you will be tempted to fall in it, Ciri had heard rumors about this but this was just hearsay.

However, Ciri finally saw a real case today, so real that she could write a book about it called, ”The old lady who was deceived by a succubus.”

“And I don’t see anything wrong with this kind of deception.”

From the edge of the forest, Qiao Xiu looked at the place where Marina lives. Inside, he could hear Marina and Ino talking.

Judging from what the businesswoman had just said, she considered Ino as her loved one and enjoyed the time spent talking to him.

And Ino seems to have gone a little too deep into the play.

Qiao Xiu doesn’t want Ino to have any real feelings for that businesswoman, this kind of love getting by deceiving was beautiful but very fatal.

When the shooting will be over the character Belle will no longer exist…wrong.

Why couldn’t it exist?

If the businesswoman could accept Ino’s true identity, Qiao Xiu wouldn’t mind letting Ino Live with her.

“Maybe we can develop a demon summoning business in the future.”

Qiao Xiu doesn’t think there was anything sinister in the demon summoning ritual, everyone in accordance with terms of the contract could obtain benefit from each other, which in modern terms was called commercial partners.

It was rumored that the price of demon summoning was life.

However, human life was of no use to the demon. It could neither be eaten or used to enhance their power. So if it was replaced with something more practical… for example Money, then it would become much easier to accept.


Ciri no longer knew how many times she had heard some strange words from Qiao Xiu’s mouth.

“The Demon party, Demon Linking Agency, All Demon house or something, it may also drive the economy of the Demon World and hUman world, The Slogan will be ‘A summoning ritual to solve all your problems‘, well… just one of the idea.”

This was just only an idea of Qiao Xiu, and this idea was based on the premise that humans could trust Demons.

It would take a long time for him to achieve this goal, but now the first step was to shoot the movie.

At present, the Shot left inside the village was the ‘Chorus’ between the Belle and villagers during the daytime. However, now in the human world, it was approaching dusk. So, Qiao Xiu could only continue to shoot this part of the story tomorrow.

“It’s time to go to another set and look at the situation.”

The next scene was the most important, Castle. The Royal Castle in the Demon world was far from the castle Qiao Xiu expected, so before he began shooting, Qiao Xiu found a suitable castle in the map of Demon world.