Chapter 18-You’re Talented

Demo World, Karnas Mountains.

It was located in the extreme north of the Demon world and was covered by blizzards all the year round. If the current season was not summer season in the demon world, then the blizzard here would be enough to freeze all the living things.

Therefore, all the living beings in the Karnas’ mountain …. Were Undead with a second life.

“Your Highness, I think the direct visit to the Duke is….. Irrational.”

Just as Qiao Xiu walked out of the portal set up by Zenas, he heard the word of the mighty Sin Demon.

The race of Zenas was second only to the chaos demon in the demon world, and he seldom fears anything, but unfortunately, the owner of this mountain was someone who even Zenas fears and holds respectful attitude towards the existence.

“I’ve met with the Duke a few times. He’s an easy-going person.” Qiao Xiu said.

“Easy-going …”

Zenas used to obey Qiao Xiu’s orders, but this time even if Zenas was beaten to death he wouldn’t agree on Qiao Xiu’s ‘Easy-going’ remark.

The forces of the Demon world was divided into a single king, four Dukes and seven powers. One king refers to the Demon world, that was the third prince’s father Nautolan. He stands at the top of Demon worlds existence and the absolute ruler. Under Nautolan, there were four Dukes who control the four areas of the Demon world.

Qiao Xiu was going to pay a visit to one of the four Dukes, known as…. Skeleton Duke. Regarding this Duke’s past, Zenas only heard a little bit about it.

The Four dukes of the Demon world were synonymous with word danger unless it was Nautolan who personally visits, they would kill any creatures that enter into their territory according to their liking.

“Judging just by relying on the rumor and appearance, is it not same as those despicable human beings?”

Qiao Xiu’s this rhetorical question left Zenas speechless.

He remembered about the little girl he previously met in the prison, Zenas hid in the darkness and used his own overflowing flames to form a ghost fire like a signal to guide the little girl into successfully entering through the portal.

The way little girl smiled and waved at the signal in front of the portal touched some unknown emotion in Zenas’ heart. Zenas could not understand the emotion but…… it was unforgettable. It was more unforgettable than Zenas burning an enemy into the ash.

Seeing the silence of Zenas, Qiao Xiu did not continue to embarrass his faithful servant.

Qiao Xiu looked behind at Ciri, who came with him to the Demon world.

The stone around her neck was the great deterrent to Ciri. In order to not to make a mistake while transferring and let the stone around her neck detonate, she easily followed Qiao Xiu’s hand to enter the portal.

“I am always feeling that there are wolves and bears staring at me in this forest. ”

Ciri stepped on thick snow covering the ground, she released Qiao Xiu’s hand, took out her magic wand and looked at the surrounding dark forest.

From the moment she stepped into this snow-covered forest, she got a very familiar feeling… The feeling of being stared by something or a sort of malicious vision.

“There are no harmless creatures like wolves and bears here. The one staring at you might be a soul eater or heart demon or if you’re unlucky, it can even be a death knight.”

Qiao Xiu recalled the memories of the third prince, this area was basically the core of the Skeleton territory. The undead living in the forest were certainly not the low-level mass produced undead creatures like skeleton soldiers.

The moment an ordinary human being steps in here, in an instant, all the surrounding undead would swarm and eat them to nothingness and even their soul will not be left.

It was not because of his identity as Chaos demon that Qiao Xiu was able to stand safely here, but the owner of the forest has given Qiao Xiua small privilege.


Ciri did not speak, as the words of Qiao Xiu has once again touched Ciri’s intellectual blind spot.

She only needs to know one thing, that the existences in this dark forest who were staring at her were those whom she couldn’t absolutely win even with this little staff in her hand.

“Let’s go, the castle is not far where the owner lives.”

Qiao Xiu took Ciri and Zenas into depths of the forest.


There was a castle in the depth of the forest, the forest outside the castle was covered by frost, but the garden inside the castle was blooming with full of unknown flowers, the color of flower and luster was dim, the statues placed in the manor for decoration were entangled with blackthorns, in addition with the night that shrouded the castle, gave the whole castle a strange atmosphere.

When Qiao Xiu walked nearly a hundred steps and reached towards the castle gate, the gate opened slowly in order to greet Qiao Xiu.

The interior of the castle was decorated with full of luxury, and it seemed that the Skeleton Duke ’s aesthetic taste has not gotten decayed with his death.

There was also music, the whole castle inside was echoing with some unknown music, there seems to be a band. The tone sends out by the band was an instrument Qiao Xiu was familiar with.

“Why do I find this music so weird?”

Ciri followed Qiao Xiu all the way up to the stairs in the center of the castle hall, where a huge painting of a Young man was hung.

“Weird? Little guy, that word of yours is enough for me to feed your soul to my dog.”

Rough sound like a nail scratching the blackboard echoed through the hall. A dark figure came out through the painting.

“Your royal highness…”

The closely following Zenas behind Qiao Xiu saw the emerging figure and was ready to step in front of Qiao Xiu to face the incoming presence, however, Qiao Xiu put out his hand to stop Zenas’ rude action.

The skeleton duke’s appearance and the Qiao Xiu’s impression of the Lich lord’s standard image, ie was Kel’Thuzad[1] was totally different. Although the interior was rotten to the point where only skeletons were left, his dress was more like a pirate than a magician.

“You’d better give me a reason for trespassing in my territory and disturbing my performance, or I‘ll make you a skeleton and give it your father, even if your descendant of Nautolan.”

Hearing this sentence, the flames in Zenas’ body rose, however, a scarlet light flashed for a moment from the dark eye socket of the Skeleton duke, and Zenas’ huge body fell on its knees making a heavy sound on the ground.

Was this the power that could rival the Demon Lord?

Qiao Xiu’s presence was really not worth mentioning in front of this existence. Qiao Xiu’s identity has no effect here, therefore he can’t continue to run his mouth like in the imperial city.

“I think you are talented. Join in my band.”


The skeleton Dukes skull suddenly turned ninety degrees, apparently thinking the meaning of the word ‘band’.

“Simply speaking, I have come here to enjoy your performance, Sir Duke, if you don’t mind would you let me hear your song?”

Qiao Xiu made a proposal that every performer could not refuse.

If the Lich in front of him was a musician who plays in the presence of tens of thousands of audiences in the concert, then the proposal made by Qiao Xiu was simply a statement looking for his death.

However, in this place, no one can enjoy his performance except the ghost servant who serves the Duke Skeleton.