Chapter 7-Mouse tail




The magic Cirilla constructed with great difficulty was instantly destroyed by Qiao Xiu, this greatly affected her self-confidence and the war intention.

But, driven by the desire to survive, Cirilla still mobilized her magic, a pale white light sharped arrow formed and attacked in the direction of the door.

The shock from the magic had blown off the candle in the room, so Cirilla could only rely on light emitted from her own magic inscription to see the surrounding, and in terms of human perspective, the range of sight should be only one or two meters.

Did it hit?

Cirilla clenching her staff and looked at the surroundings warily, then she began to quickly build the lowest level “illumination” magic.

After the completion of the spell, a white magic slowly rose from the side of Cirilla.The light dispelled the darkness of the room, and in front, Cirilla was standing…Qiao Xiu.

When the female magic apprentice saw Qiao Xiu suddenly appearing in front of her, the heart of her panicked.She let out a scream, it was even too late for her to build any spell, she directly raised the hand holding the staff and swung towards Qiao Xiu.

Unfortunately, the strength of the female magic apprentice was too weak, Qiao Xiu took hold of her hand very easily.

Her arm was caught, but she did not feel any pain from him.Qiao Xiu used very small strength and didn’t want to hurt her.He just blocked Cirilla’s…….physical attack.

Frightened, she tried to free herself from Qiao Xiu, and she succeeded in it, because Qiao Xiu loosened his arm, and at same time Cirilla stepped back to create some distance from Qiao Xiu.

She forced herself to calm down, from her staff again unknown magic inscription started to appear, she began to prepare for next offensive magic.At the same time, she was staring tightly at Qiao Xiu, if Qiox Xiu acted rashly, she wouldn’t mind risking out to bring the advance magic and mutually get destructed with Qiao Xiu.

“ I advise you not to be impulsive, unknown Magician.”

What she didn’t expect that Qiao Xiu didn’t continue to attack.Instead, he picked up the candles placed on the table.

Just as Qiao Xiu was fixing candle, Cirilla took the time to build a new offensive magic, but her eyes noticed that Qiao Xiu was pointing towards her neck.

My neck?

She was little surprised when she found some abnormality in her neck, it was as if something had been tied around her neck.

The strange feeling made her look herself in the mirror beside her.Then, from the light of illumination magic she clearly saw, there was a piece of…Red Crystal.

The crystal was like a gemstone sewed on a black ribbon…if one doesn’t know what it was, they might think it as an expensive necklace.

But, Cirilla knew that she doesn’t have any money to buy expensive things like ruby!

She didn’t know when this devil had put it on her neck.

When she again looked at Qiao Xiu, she found that Qiao Xiu was holding a same red crystal in his hand.

In order to demonstrate the function of this crystal, Qiao Xiu gently threw it on the ground, and in the next moment crystal on the ground exploded.The destructive force was not big, but the voice reverberated in the whole room.


She looked on the crack on the floor made by the explosion and completely forgot about building magic.She immediately tried to pull the thing off from her neck.


The power of the crystal was not big, but it could separate the head from the body.

It was one of the masterpieces of the third prince.A very small useful tool.

“Don’t waste your energy.It’s impossible with your strength to free from the shackles of this thing.”

Couldn’t break from this thing?Doesn’t it mean it was a slave collar?

Suddenly, she realized how dangerous the situation was.

The demon did not take her life at the first time but put this thing on her.

She clenched her teeth and was ready to die to protect her virginity.

Wait a moment, her virginity, was it more important to her than her own life?

It took two seconds to think about it and finally, she came up with an answer…No!

“What do you want from me?”

Cirilla used her last bit of courage in her body and asked  Qiao Xiu.

“What do I want? I want lots of things, first of all, what is your name?”

While he was taking the time time to light the candle, the light from the illumination magic was gradually disappearing.

“I…am Cirilla”

Thinking about her own life, she chose to answer truthfully.

“Cirilla?Do you know the player called Geralt?the vice-occupation is a monster hunter”

This name was very familiar to Qiao Xiu, it was Witcher 3 protagonist Geralt’s adopted daughter name, and the disposition of the female magician indeed resembled a bit with Witcher 3’s Ciri.


She doesn’t know anything about monster hunter, and if she does, she wouldn’t have ended up like this.

“I asked an unnecessary question.Next, I want to know what kind of magic you use”

This was what Qiao Xiu most eagerly wanted to know, the magic of the female magician was clearly different from that of a Chaotic demon.

She was able to use her magic to control things around her, such as using a book as a weapon.

This was something chaos magic could never be able to do.

If it was to completely destroy the room, then he was confident that he could do it in a minute.As for moving things with magic, he believes that even the Lord of the devil would not be able to do it.

It was impossible to control the original crystal interior with this full destruction and disorder magic.Qiao Xiu didn’t even know where to start from.

But the magic Cerilla was using gave a glimmer of hope.

“This is the power of order and rules, given by the God of order, Lloyd”


Cerilla had always taken pride in being a magician, and to tell others about her power, so obviously she did not have any reason to hide.

Qiao Xiu from Cerilla’s explanation learned that the people of this world believe that “magic “ thing was given gods.Different gods specialize in different magic.The magic of Cirilla represents order and control, this genre of mage is also known as White addition, there were many gods in control for thunder, lightning, and fire

Using the gaming consoles of the earth as a metaphor, like SONY PS4, Microsoft Xbox, and Nintendo Switch, each player could choose according to their preference.And the server between the host and game was common and was exclusive.each has its own advantage and benefits


Coming into the world full of magic and demons, it was not surprising there would be some dive presence, but the power of magic was given by gods…

Qiao temporarily held reservation about this claim, whether it was possessed by dos or not, and in order to find a way to join the crystals, Qiao Xiu needs to master this magic of order.

“Tell me, how to learn the magic you have?’