Chapter 8-No System.Then Create one




“You…You….You want to learn my magic?”

What did she hear? A demon who believes in chaos and darkness wants to learn the magic of god of order.

“I don’t think anything is wrong with that.”

Qiao Xiu didn’t know why the female magician was so surprised, even though just now she was in a state of panic.


Besides few faction of gods, there were many magicians in the world who believe in more than one number of gods, thereby increasing the variety of spells they learn.

The belief had nothing to do with one’s power, the gods only give the seed of the magic; to take root and sprout, it all depends on the learning of the magician.

Therefore, most people in this world regard ‘gods’ as a tool to learn magic, they do not really worship it, and Cirillia also belongs to list.

To say, what magicians really adore was something called knowledge.

Ciri took out a wooden statue from the pockets of her robe and put it down on the ground.Then from her fingertips flashed a pale white light.

After making few stroke on the ground from her fingers, a pale white light magic array started revolving around the wooden statue where it was centered.

“Touch the wooden statue with your hands.”

Each person at the age of six would experience this ritual in Ciri’s world, whether they were gifted or not, the seeds of different kinds of magical properties would be buried in their bodies.

It was also a necessary procedure to survive in the human world, it was like ID card in the earth, which shows the status of being a citizen.

This was the first time for Ciri to host this ceremony, she was a super newcomer who didn’t even got second -level magic certificate, and moreover, she was holding the ritual for a demon!

If god order really does exist, then she prayed that he wouldn’t send down any punishment on her.

This was the first prayer ever since she had joined the god of order.

“Like this?”

Qiao Xiu did not feel any danger drawn from the magic circle drawn by Ciri, and the magic in the magic array was very less, that it was almost similar to the illumination magic.

So, he touched the wooden statue with his hands.

The pale light white began to gather at Qiao Xiu’s fingertips, followed by the wooden statue pouring in the middle of Qiao Xiu’s body.

The light flashed more and more, the whole room was filled with glimmering light particles, and it all poured inside the Qiao Xiu’s body.Qiao Xiu found something in front of vision.

There were some complex text symbols, Qiao Xiu could see them as long as he opened his eyes, there were hundreds of them, these text symbols did not belong to any language Qiao Xiu had known so far, but he was able to understand the meaning of these words.

The first literal symbol represents 1, the second was 0, the implicated meaning was A and B.

“The symbols that appeared in front of my eyes are….inscriptions?”

Qiao Xiu waved his hand and found that the symbols disappeared in the air, and appeared again when he thought of them.

Qiao Xiu found out that he had seen those symbols, the inventions of the third prince were carved with the same style of inscriptions, which replaced the mechanical gear that supported the work of those machines.

“Inscription, the inscription of order.”

It was a success, Ciri did not expect that the demon would succeed in accepting the magic seed.

This relieved Ciri and also gave her a small sense of accomplishment.

She was the first person in the world to make devil accept the magic of order!This achievement…..Even her rich sister wouldn’t be able to achieve this.

“How many inscriptions can you see?Two is a pass, three is excellent and four is at the level of genius.”

Ciri spoke like her magic teacher.

This was what her teacher said who helped Ciri in awakening the magic of order.

It was needed to know that she was a super genius who could see five inscriptions at her awakening!


He once again opened his eyes and glanced at the huge piles of symbols, it was roughly more than two hundred.

“Around two hundred.”Qiao Xiu said.


It was not easy to use pride and complacent emotions to dilute the fear, but Qiao Xiu’s reply made her whole body sluggish.

There were two criteria for measuring a mage’s strength.

The first was the amount of magic in the body and second was the number of inscriptions.

The inscription was the most fundamental element in the construction of magic spell.To use a powerful magic require a great deal of magical support and hundreds or even thousands of combination of the inscription.

The acquisition of inscription was determined by magicians own understanding of the world, which was also called as ‘knowledge’!

Ciri had only twenty magic inscriptions, this was achieved after five to six years of studying away from home and traveling after awakening, but what was the matter with this devil?

More than 200!

If he was not lying, then this fellow’s understanding of the world was greater than that of the Nolans seven great mage.

“This is…”

Ciri’s view of life had suffered a great impact, she even forgot that she was in danger of being kidnapped by the demon.Instead, she was looking at the number of inscriptions appeared in front of her.

There were several inscriptions, in which she knew the meaning of one ‘air’.She had recently constructed this inscription to create a magic called “impact”

“Periodic table of elements,” Qiao Xiu said.

“Period… What?”


From a wave of Qiao Xiu’s hand, the pale white inscriptions disappeared.

In his previous experiment, he has determined that if he wants he could make the inscription visible to only himself or he could make it visible to others.

However, rather than building magic with these inscriptions, he found that the essence of the inscription was strangely similar to one thing he knew.

That was…computer language.

Or it could be said an advanced version of C language library!

Qiao Xiu thought of a bold idea, on earth he was a game designer and part-time programmer.

Qiao Xiu could create a System with these inscriptions!Now, his memory was very good, and moreover, he had also even worked in Microsoft for some time.

It doesn’t matter after crossing through if there was no System!Qiao Xiu could make one by himself.No matter if it was Win98 or WinXP, Qiao Xiu could just create one!

It would take a long time, but it would not be a problem for him to create a simplified one.

Qiao Xiu suddenly found that magic of this world was very interesting.

“Ciri, are you happy to learn magic?”

The new discovery made Qiao Xiu ask this question.


Happy, very happy, she would have definitely replied this before she met Qiao Xiu.After all, she was talented in learning magic, but…

When Ciri looked at Qiao Xiu’s series of inscriptions which she had never seen before, she instantly had thought ‘ The hell learning!’ she had an impulse to tidy up everything and go home to get married!

But the premise was Qiao Xiu was willing to let her go.