Chapter 9-Preparation




It took Qiao Xiu more than half an hour to write a program that would be able to add and subtract ten which proved that he was right.

Qiao Xiu’s fingertips clicked on the pale white light, which reminded him of days when he first came into contact with computer or time when he started with the Dos command instructions.

In the small program Qiao Xiu wrote, he gave input ‘1+2’ and quickly the pale white inscription gave feedback ‘3’.

At this rate, as long as he spends few month time, he was confident that with relying on the inscriptions he could compile out a simple operating system.

Considering the brain as a processor, CPU, hard disk, RAM functions, the eye would be responsible for display function, and next using both hands as mouse and keyboard.

It could be done!

Letting the computer implant inside the brain, replacing the calculations of the human brain with programs; in the earth, this might take hundreds of years, but Qiao Xiu found that with the power of magic in this world….it was within reach.

However, to really achieve it, Qiao Xiu’s current knowledge was not enough and even his understanding of inscription was too little.

Though  Qiao Xiu possess the knowledge, to let this inscription appear in front of him, the time he has been in magician profession was only for half a day.

Even so, it would not be a problem for Qiao Xiu to use his newly acquired magic to fuse the images in the source crystal. One crystal records one shot, afterward, all the source crystals could be made into one single primary crystal.

“Miss Ciri, I advise you don’t stray too far away from me, the thing on your neck will automatically detonate after it is 20 meters away  from me.”

Qiao Xiu ended his study of the inscription, then he picked up pen and paper and continued to write the script for Beauty and Devil.

But before writing, he felt necessary to warn the lady magician that she should not run around in someone else’s room.

“I …I didn’t..”

Ciri withdrew her hands from the doorknob and looked at the demon who was facing the desk.

When Qiao Xiu was learning inscription of the god of order, he directly sat at his desk, ignored her existence and started studying.

It gave her the illusion that she could take advantage of this opportunity.

So after a long time of walking like a cat, she reached the door, but even before she could open the door, because of Qiao Xiu words, she went to her original place.

Ciri didn’t want to die in such a terrible way.If the crystal on her neck explodes, then her death would be worse than cutting off the head.


Ciri stood there for ten minutes, Qiao Xiu didn’t give any new instruction.

She entered the bored state, then she looked at the back of Qiao Xiu, finally, she couldn’t restrain her curiosity and walked few steps reaching near Qiao Xiu’s desk.

Generally, humans fear demon’s because of their ferocious appearance, so when Ciri calmed down she discovered that the appearance of Qiao Xiu was no different than human.

This gave a little bit relief in her unpeaceful stay here, the next moment her sight was drawn to the script Qiao Xiu was writing.

When the plot progressed to the scene where the actress Belle in order to save her father from demon gets imprisoned by the demon, she found that her situation was similar to the actress of the script, except for the fact that she was kidnapped.

She could imagine how Belle would be treated inhumanly by the brutal demon as if she was imagining her next fate.

However, rest of the story progressed beyond her expectation, the plot changed from the moment when the demon rescued Belle from the jaws of the pack of wolves.

Belle and demon’s first dinner to the ball in the castle…no matter which scene, Qiao Xiu’s written words, and descriptions were enough to arouse all woman to yearn for the romantic love.

“It is just a story, isn’t it?”

After looking at the text described by Qiao Xiu, her curiosity overcame fear again and finally took the initiative to ask Qiao Xiu.

“Of course, there is a great difference between the story and the reality.For example, actress Belle’s figure is much better than miss Ciri.”

Qiao Xiu, obviously knows what the magician was thinking, her story was similar to that of Belle in the script.

If it hadn’t been for the fact that after seeing the demon Zenas, she would faint, Qiao Xiu might have let her try the lead.

“Find a place to hide.”

Qiao Xiu pointed to the bookshelf in his room, there was no other place to hide someone.

Th other demons in the world were more or less prejudiced against humanity, if it was his own servant then it was good, but the person waiting outside the door was not his servant.

The issue was related to her life, so she obediently ran behind the bookshelf to hide.

Qiao Xiu quickly walked towards the door and opened it.

“I remember that recently there has been no experiment which should deserve you supervision, sister.”

Standing at the entrance of Qiao Xiu’s door was second princess Shirley Yanrhode.

Unlike his older brother who lives near the border for years, Qiao Xiu’s sister Shirley serves as the guardian of the capital city of the demons, she manages the order in the capital city.

In third prince’s impression, his second sister’s personality was not like a demon, just at age of 15, she began to serve as the identity of guardian.She handles all the big and small cases in the capital city in swift and vigorous manner, which serve as a good image of a police officer.

“I’ve just felt a wave of humanity’s magic.”

Shirley’s hair color and pupils were different from Qiao Xiu’s scarlet color, it was similar to flame color, her both eyes gazed down, anyone who would try to tell lie in front her then their hearts would shiver.

It was kind of a wordless oppression.

“I was doing some small experiments with human magic.”

In Qiao Xiu’s hands appeared pale white light inscriptions, it only lasted for two seconds and got slowly eroded by the grey chaos magic, then Qiao Xiu looked at Shirley.

“However, I presume that second sister has especially not rushed here for this small matter?”