Chapter 1





“Your Highness, these are the final surviving humans of this village.”

Qiao Xiu’s consciousness was a little bit dizzy, he could only hear someone shouting in his ears, it was heavy but yet a voice filled with concern.

“Your Highness?”

Qiao Xiu’s memory finally sobered up a little bit, a sinister looking monster was standing beside him, that concerned voice was coming from the mouth of this monster.

Crime(sin) demon Zenas.

The name of this monster appeared in the middle of Qiao Xiu’s memories. And, surprisingly Qiao Xiu did not get scared by the frightening appearance of the monster.

“The surviving humans…”

Qiao Xiu instinctively looked in the direction the monster was pointing at; the blazing flames surrounded the buildings, dead bodies were piled up on the ground and, in the air, there was an indescribable smell of blood and ash.

This village has just recently experienced a massacre.

The surviving villagers were gathered at one place and tied up with thorny vines, the clothes on the humans were not the modern clothing that Qiao Xiu was familiar with, instead, it resembled more like a medieval European dress.

“Your Highness, according to your order, all the bandits who ransacked the village has been killed, do you also want to kill these villagers?”

Once again, the crime demon Zenas opened his mouth.He is nearly two meters tall; resembled little like a hybrid of lion and lizard and while speaking his mouth was spitting out green flames.

His hands were covered with scales and were holding a double-edged spear, from the surface of the spear similar to a lava-like liquid was flowing out.

The villagers who were tied up with thorny vines, when saw the ferocious demon approaching towards them, they exposed a panic and uncertain expression looking at him.

“No need, first abduct them”

Qiao Xiu, for the time being, was still not clear, currently what was going on?a few seconds earlier he was a game designer and was still inside his office staying up late for the game project file to catch up with the manuscript, then a few seconds later, he arrived in this strange world. Furthermore, there is a follower….the demon.

This crossing was very sudden and, there was not even a sign of warning.

Fortunately, there is no difference in Qiao Xiu’s and slug’s adaptive ability, plus the original soul of the body has not dissipated.Qiao Xiu did not show anything abnormal, he allowed the nature to take its course and accepted the present situation.

“As your order, your highness”

Crime demon Zenas, compiled with the order of Qiao Xiu, his scaly hands made a flick in the void, followed by a dark green light composed portal appeared in front of Qiao Xiu.

More than 10 small statured inferior ghosts jumped out of the portal, they grabbed the villagers who had been entangled with thorny vines and dragged them into the transmission portal under the feeble resistance and anguished wailing of villagers.

Qiao Xiu arranged his memories, the demons are an ethnic group that has lots of mixed race, these poor ghosts are located at the bottom of the demon society, their intelligence is low, and the physical quality is not much different from the humans, the only merit is their reproduction speed is quite faster.


The Zenas standing beside Qiao Xiu is a higher rank sin demon and is holding the identity as his personal bodyguard, solely from his outward appearance one can see how strong the sin demon race is.


The majority of the demon’s physique are far different from humans, what made Qiao Xiu rejoice is that even though his race is the highest class in the demon society, his appearance is surprisingly not much different from human beings, except for the two horns on his forehead.


Crossing through the world, Qiao Xiu can accept this kind of thing, but what Qiao Xiu cannot accept is crossing through and becoming a non-human creature.

“Zenas, Let’s go back,” Qiao Xiu said.

“”Your Highness, don’t you intend to take advantage of this opportunity and invade the surrounding cities?”

“Invading cities?”

Qiao Xiu once again looked at the surrounding environment, according to his organized memories, Qiao Xiu knew the reason why he was here.

This innocent prince was curious about the human world, so he secretly ran away from the demon world and came to this human world.

After crossing through the transmission portal, a group of human caravans accepted him, but just when the caravan had taken a break in the village, it immediately suffered looting from the gang of bandits.

Inevitably, the village also got slaughtered in this process.Finally, this demon prince couldn’t bear watching it and summoned his bodyguard from the demon world to exterminate those robbers.

Letting this village escape from the disaster of extermination.However, in the frightening eyes of villagers, it is the far worse situation to get kidnapped by a demon than getting robbed by bandits.

“No interest, no interest”

Naturally, Qiao Xiu would not care about the demon princes childish curiosity and he is also not in the mood to attack humans.

“Oh, by the way, Zenas, there is still one person alive”

before Qiao Xiu entered the transmission portal, a figure from the distant piles of corpses was trying to escape.

The bandit was quite clever, he deceived others by pretending as a corpse, but he was too impatient.

“As your order”

Qiao Xiu did not need to completely say his meaning, but Zenas already understood.

Accompanied by terrifying a scream and sound of tearing of flesh’s, Qiao Xiu entered into the transmission portal.

The demon world is not as bad as Qiao Xiu thought, at least there is blue sky, and the surrounding temperature is warm.

The eruption of volcanoes at any time, lava flowing on the grounds, thick volcanic ash covering the skies, this scenes are the modern human’s standard impression of hell, but he couldn’t find anything like that.

The transmission portal led to a garden, on the ground it was full of unknown blossomed flowers which were emitting weak blue light particles.

If it were not for a fierce demon standing on Qiao Xiu’s side, he would not be able to believe that this place was really the demon kingdom.

“Your Highness, shall I put these humans in the prison?”Zenas asked

“Go ahead and feed them some foods.Don’t let them starve as I have some use for them”

After Qiao Xiu gave the order, he walked towards the direction of the castle.

According to his memory, this place is the ruling city of Demon Kingdom-Yanarhode.The meaning of city name in demon language is”the border of abyss”.As for it specific significance, Qiao Xiu is also not clear about short, Qiao Xiu is now in the core area of the main city.

“This is the place where the ruler of demon kingdom and his heirs live.”

According to his memory, Qiao Xiu bypassed several complex alleys of the main city and returned to the place where the demon prince lived.

“This place is really messy”

Qiao Xiu entered insides of castles, compared to what Qiao Xiu imagined this demon prince life is….more sloppy.

Originally it looked like a luxuriously decorated room, but on the ground, there was actually big piles of unknown materials, even if Qiao Xiu is not a neat freak, he couldn’t help but frown looking at this level of mess.

Qiao Xiu was barely able to recognize some spread out books and scattered crystal glasses on the ground, rest were some small grotesque shaped gadgets.

Is there no servant in this place to take care of the room?

Qiao Xiu once again recalled his memories.Finally, it became clear, all this piled of junks are the result of this demon prince’s research.

Qiao Xiu Yanarhode is the third son of the demon kingdom’s ruler ”Nautolan”, the demon prince is different unlike his extraordinary talented big brother and second sister, Qiao Xiu since birth was a little bit out of ordinary.

Till the age of 17, he has always been inventing some strange things, once in awhile he creates chaos in the whole city, now the demons of the city have given a very derogatory term to describe the demon prince’s image.

‘Despicable Human being’

In fact, compared with humans Qiao Xiu tends more towards goblin or dwarf.

But, this demon prince has shown talents in the subject like ’mechanical engineering’, magic engineering, crystal construction studies’.To describe him as a crazy genius would not be an exaggeration.

And this pile of junk in this room is the unfinished works of previous research.

“Magical Picture Taking Apparatus and Image Storage Stone”

After rummaging through his memories for this two gadgets introduction and functions, Qiao Xiu is more willing to name this two products as

“Video Camera and Storage Card”


At first, when Qiao Xiu came to this world he did not have any idea what to do next.

“That’s it!’

Not Everyone Likes to fight, become strongest, etc as their ultimate goal in life.Qiao Xiu is not interested in power.

The legacy left by the third prince gave him an inspiration

Perhaps he can make movies in this world, and can also create card games like magic: the gathering, Hearthstone, and whatnot, then later he can also write some novels, and draw manga too. Wouldn’t it be fun?

As an artist, Qiao Xiu felt that it is necessary to spread the culture of the earth in this world, wrong…It should be said as to invade this world.


( cultural invasion of another world)