Chapter 2-New Diplomatic means





Qiao Xiu’s plan to make a movie in this different world has not even been put into action when a water element servant rushed to Qiao Xiu’s side

The water element servant has the appearance of a human woman, but the kin and flesh are completely made of water.

“Your highness third prince, the Lord has summoned you to the guard room” her voice was without any emotions.

“Got it”

There is only one Lord in this castle, that is, the father of this demon prince.

Qiao Xiu didn’t expect that he will so soon meet with the ruler of this world.

According to with the route in his memories, it took him around 10 minutes to walk past the internal complex structures of the castle.He reached in front of the door which was giving an ominous breath.

Qiao Xiu walked into directly, the corridor was surprisingly very large, and was flanked by statues of more than ten meters tall.

These statues are of different shapes and sizes, all the characters portrayed are chaos demon, the same race as Qiao Xiu.

Each statue is the king who ruled this land in past, and perhaps the demons of this land really might have called them as ‘king’.

But these monarchs privately address themselves with a special name, “Guardian”.

It looks plain, but it is an ancient incomparable name.

Qiao Xiu doesn’t know what is the meaning of this name, but the historical records of ”Guardian” has been passed down for generations and is still continuing to this day.

Qiao Xiu’s father, demon lord Nautolan, is the current ‘Guardian”

Qiao Xiu passed through the ancestor’s corridor and reached a spacious hall.

The decoration here was so simple that this place doesn’t conform to the king’s palace, besides a sacrificial altar-like stone pestle, there was not even a throne.

Qiao Xiu’s eldest brother and two sisters have already arrived in the hall and were standing in front of the altar.

The solemn atmosphere flooded in every inch of air, Qiao Xiu’s brother and sisters didn’t even look at him, there was just an empty position in between the second sister and fourth sister, obviously, this position was left for Qiao Xiu.

When in Rome, do as Romans do, Qiao Xiu imitated his siblings and stood in front of the altar, he looked at the figure standing behind the altar.

“Knox, Shirley, Qiao Xiu, Fuya”

A voice full of oppression read out the four names in order.

“30 years,… I know this time isn’t sufficient to make you an adult, but it is enough to make you mature”

The life of chaos demon is shortest in all the demon race, it is more than 200 years, it could be said to be same as human beings of this world.

However,20 years is still the age of adolescence for a chaos demon, Qiao Xiu this year is only 17 years old and his sister Fuya is merely 14 years old.


“Father, may I ask  what is your command?” a powerful voice came from the side of Qiao Xiu, it was his eldest brother Knox’s voice, as the eldest son, it was natural for Knox to be a general in battlefield, and he also governs a magnificent army in the frontier fortress

It was a predictable setting as Qiao Xiu expected.

“After two years from now, I have decided to choose a new Guardian amongst you”

When Nautolan uttered the words, the atmosphere which had been solemn hs abruptly became tense.

What does the next Guardian mean?it means the next demon lord.

Qiao Xiu felt there was no need to think too much about all the drama that comes with the succession of the throne.In the medieval period, whether it was in Europe or Asia, fighting for the throne was always a never-ending subject.

China’s most famous one is sima family usurping the throne from Cao, which finished the chaos of three kingdom era.

During the establishment of Jin dynasty, in European side, Richard III stabbed his nephew Edward to succeed as the king of England.

In a word, the history of the throne is always filled with bloodshed.

Qiao Xiu did not need to think next, his brother and sisters would surely start stabbing each…..

“Please allow me to withdraw my qualifications as candidate for the position of guardian”

Qiao Xiu loudly said to the current demon lord.

“Oh?Qiao Xiu, you don’t want the position of guardian?”

The position of the king?it is the power to rule the whole demon world, to have everything in the demon realm, to determine the lives of million people with just one word.

It sounds wonderful.Yes, it’s a wonderful thing, but the premise is you need to have your life to enjoy it!

To put it bluntly, Qiao Xiu wouldn’t able to win against his older brother and second sister, he even won’t be able to win against his younger sister, instead, he might become the first sacrificial victim in the struggle for the throne.

This is not the earth, where everyone is a human and there is not much difference in physique, and where if words fail, one could simply take out a sword or a gun to deal with others.

But this a different world, a world of magic.

Third prince all talent lies in ‘invention and creation’, but as for his individual strength, he is the weakest among all his siblings, even his younger sister is an expert in tearing others in countless pieces.

If the power like thing falls on the hand of a weak person, then it is like giving him a one-way ticket to hell.

And moreover, compared to power like thing, Qiao Xiu would more prefer to have some spiritual satisfaction.In the previous world, Qiao Xiu held the status of “rich second generation” and ”child of an official” both this status would make other people envy him, but he did have any thought of inheriting his family property, he walked thousands of miles and travelled to Tibet to take part in cologne game show, in Germany he wandered for three days and three nights,…this kind of things only some stupid young people would do, that was what Qiao Xiu basically had done.

“No, I have found a higher ideal, therefore allow me to refuse”


Qiao Xiu has already decided to march in direction of film and gaming industry.To be a king is very tiresome matter, let his brother and sister handle it, who would love to do it.

“Higher ideal?”

The demon lord Nautolan stared at Qiao Xiu for a long time and then he gave a new order.

“Knox, Shirley, Fuya….you all can leave first”

Will he forcefully make me as a king?Qiao Xiu suddenly thought of some traditional chicken soup stories, in that story also there is a king who selects an heir for the throne amongst his several sons, finally, the least favored youngest son succeeds the throne.

The reason?there are many like having some kind-hearted, tolerant and other like noble qualities, but Qiao Xiu thinks all this as complete rubbish, at least in this world the person won’t be able to bear the weight the status of king, without having any abilities.

Currently, Qiao Xiu was feeling as the lucky youngest son.

Brother and sisters left the hall, there were only Qiao Xiu and demon lord present.

“Relax, don’t be cautious,” Nautolan said.

At this time, Qiao Xiu clearly looked at the appearance of the demon lord, there was somewhat disorder whiskers and wrinkles on his cheeks.Very old, this was the first impression formed by this demon lord.

He was older than Qiao Xiu imagined, and compared to the image as ruler, he was more suited to the image of an old laborious father who is raising four children.

“Qiao Xiu, how do you see the relationship between humans and demons?”

Demon lord directly went straight to the point, the question he asked is currently regarded as demons most acute issues.

“Now it is an enemy, but I believe this relationship may change,” Qiao Xiu said after some thought.

“May change?humanity see us an evil creature, they are full of hatred for our kind, a century of continuous wars with humanity has already shown us this point…and you still think it can change?”

“Of course, opinions and ideas can be changed, as long as there is time”

Facing the question of the demon lord, Qiao Xiu gave an affirmative answer.

“Change…Mind Influence Magic?If this kind of magic is found by humans then it will only aggravate the hatred towards us since the war has started a century  back it only brought too much damage to our race if there is a new war, I am afraid that it will end up with our defeat”

The demon lord does not seem to want war once again with humans.

The demon race is not as powerful as Qiao Xiu imagined, and humans are not as weak as he thought.

“So, Qiao Xiu, before the next war begins, I hope you can take our clansmen to find a new shelter, Knox and others will certainly stay to fight…”

Is he already prepared for defeat?However, Qiao Xiu doesn’t have any intention to escape.

“There is no need for Mind Influence Magic, I have the ability to let human take the initiative or obsessed in accepting the demon….through cultural means”

In Qiao Xiu’s mind, there was a basic prototype of the plan.Then, he gave a more affirmative answer to the demon lord.

What is the impression of the demon in modern society?afraid?frightened?endless hatred?wrong!everything thing is wrong!none of them are correct!

As long as the person is able to keep up with the trend of times, they will have only one impression of demon…Cool!

This image of demons formed from “Dragon and Dungeons”, “World of Warcraft”, “Diablo”, “Hell Boy” and other games and movies.There are even novels based on demons.

From the medieval ages, the traditional image of villain to popular real people sought after in modern times. “Wild Tyrant”, this word may be little vulgar but it is very suitable for demons.

When Diablo, the demon lord of terror from game ‘diablo’ spoke the line “Not Even Death Can Save You From Me” or from”world of Warcraft” Mal’Ganis of Burning legion shouted “I Am Mal’Ganis! I am Eternal!” When like this line are spoken it always makes one’s blood race.

Qiao Xiu’s plan is to develop entertainment industry in this different world and take advantage of movies and games to change the impression of people about demons.

“Accepting demons….culture?”

“It is a whole new kind of diplomatic means. I can’t tell you the exact methods, but please give me few years and I’ll let you see the change”Qiao Xiu said.

“With your strange inventions?”

Nautolan tightly stared at Qiao Xiu, he does not know where Qiao Xiu is getting his confidence, his third son has only strange inventions.


It was the legacy left behind by the demon prince that made it possible for Qiao Xiu to make films in this different world.

And there’s nothing wrong to say that the culture was invented.the culture originated from creative works and was spread out.

“Interesting, then I will wait and see what your so-called culture will bring changes between demons and humans,” Nautolan said