Chapter 3-the most beautiful girl in the town




Returning from the guard room, Qiao Xiu went back towards his messy room.

After cleaning up, Qiao Xiu walked towards the corner where neatly arranged bookshelves lied, from there he took out a book called “History of the world”.

This book was written by humans and records the development of human civilization of this world.

What surprised Qiao Xiu was this book was written in English…

Qiao Xiu looked at the mirror which was on the table, surprisingly the appearance of the chaos demon’s was almost identical to the way he looked on the earth.

This reminded Qiao Xiu of the parallel world theory, perhaps this demon prince is his other worlds ownself…After all, he even has the same name as his.

However, it greatly helped Qiao Xiu that this book ”History of the world” was written in English, Qiao Xiu from this book can know to what extent the human civilization has developed and what kind of political environment exists in this world.

If it is an ancient feudal monarchy form of government, Qiao Xiu was afraid that even if he makes a film the ordinary people can’t even recognize the characters in it, then it would be all pointless.

“Seven people parliament?”

Qiao Xiu was little relieved when he read the records of modern history in the book.

This different worlds human civilization is more democratic than what he thought.Although it is not like modern democratic republic system, it is similar to a parliamentary republic system.

In simple terms, this world’s human society has realized “Everyone is equal”, this equality was not caused by a system or organization but was resolved by this world of magic itself.

The magic element of the human world is so abundant that even a farmer at bottom of society can throw fireballs.This is really a magician’s world.

Therefore, the status of human in society is determined by the knowledge, the more a person has mastered magical knowledge, the higher his social status will be.In this kind of society, it is not necessary that illiterates will be few.

However, there are still a lot of countries where ancient feudal monarchy form of government exists.

Like earth, this world is very vast, the number of countries cannot be counted in single digit.

One of the closest country to demon kingdom is “Nolan”, which is also one of the most prosperous and developed magic civilization.

Qiao Xiu decided that his first stop for the movie would be in this country, where everyone is a magician.

Now the rest was to pick a  script, Qiao Xiu was bearing the responsibility to make humans stop hating demons, to change the image of the demon as evil in human’s eyes.Qiao Xiu thought it was not too difficult to do this, he could let humans worship the demon.

Here the worship doesn’t refer to holding an evil ritual, summoning devil and becoming the believer of the evil cult..but refers to worshipping Demon as an idol.

In order to save their endangered race, the demons have decided to stand up as idols!

Perhaps this kind of feeling…

In order to create a good image of demons, Qiao Xiu thought of two possible scripts, the first is ”Beauty and the Beast” and the second is “Leon: The Professional”.

“Beauty and the Beast”, Qiao Xiu felt there was no need to think too much about it,this story is absolutely a household name,some people may find it childish, childish because almost everyone has heard this story in their childhood, which once again proves this beautiful fairy tales popularity in the human culture and is not less than Hans Christian Anderson and Brother Grimm’s fairy tales.

“Leon: The Professional” is one of the Qiao Xiu’s most favorite movie.It tells the story of a professional killer and little girl.Uncle and loli, this subject will never change in the history of humans.

The movie actress Natalie Portman and actor Jean Reno became Qiao Xiu’s childhood goddess and god.

The similarity between two scripts is that it can make the audience fall in love with “Beast” and the “Killer”.If this the two images are replaced by a demon and are made some rearrangement then it won’t create any sense of violation.

For “Leon: the professional” actors, Qiao Xiu currently doesn’t have any candidate, but he already has a candidate for “Beauty and the Beast” movie.

So it may be little regrettable that “Leon: The Professional” movie which defined Qiao Xiu early aesthetic standard, need to be delayed for a while.Qiao Xiu decided to first shoot ”Beauty and the Beast”

“Servant, go and call Zenas,” Qiao Xiu said to the water element who has been standing near the door.

The water element has no thoughts of his own, it acts as a messenger, similar to a pigeon, after showing a small courtesy to Qiao Xiu, she went to perform the task.

Qiao Xiu also began to write the script.

Since Coming to this world, Qiao Xiu has discovered that his memory has become horribly distinct.Whether it is the memory of the earth or memories of the demon prince, all are stored in Qiao Xiu’s mind waiting for him to take out at any time.

He even remembers the dots on the back of ladybug which he caught at age of ten.

Qiao Xiu first read “Beauty and the Beast” original English edition then later he watched Disney’s animated version, which is also one of the most widely circulated version of the story, therefore Qiao Xiu clearly remembers the all the details of the story.

He wrote general details and created a rough framework.

Qiao Xiu took a pile of white papers, which was originally used by demon prince to draw some strange designs.The writing instrument was a charcoal pencil which Qiao Xiu was most familiar with.

On the first piece white paper, Qiao Xiu wrote the title “Beauty and the Demon”.Suddenly, the floor of the room began to quiver.

“Your Highness, what can I do for you?”

Zenas came much faster than Qiao Xiu expected.he stood near the door and didn’t step into the room, big piles of papers were scattered on the floor, so if Zena’s steps inside, the flames from his body will ignite it.

“Zenas, How is your acting skills?”

Qiao Xiu asked looking at the crime demon.

“Acting skill?”Zenas can’t seem to understand Qiao Xiu’ vocabulary

“To simply speak, can you deceive those humans?”

Qiao Xiu changed his words in the way in which the demon could understand.

“Of course, your highness.this is a mandatory requirement of each devil, although I am far inferior to succubus and ghost race, I can easily deceive those ignorant human beings”

Zena’s interior does not seem as strong as his outward appearance.

Is deceiving a compulsory course for every demon?so does it mean every demon is an actor?This race’s ability to act, if he can’t hold this power then it is a great waste of their talent.

“Good, you just stand there and don’t move”

Qiao Xiu took a close look at the figure of Zenas and began to a draw a conceptual picture of the script.

Zenas belongs to crime demon race, his head is similar to an image of a digital baby lion.As long as he doesn’t expose his fierce look and his mouth doesn’t spit out the fire, then he will look a very docile cat.

This premise is based on the fact that flow of lava doesn’t exist between his scales.The light green flame that was twining around Zenas made Qiao Xiu feel like that nobody would want to touch this big cat.

However, this is not a problem for him, Qiao Xiu originally was a game designer.To draw a conceptual picture was not difficult.He immediately sketched a delicate dress and robe which will coexist with this ferocious beast look.

“Zenas, doesn’t your clothes get burned?” when Qiao Xiu was sketching, he suddenly realized that the demon was wearing something similar to animal hide, which only covered the important parts of the body.

To make Zenas put on the designed dress, at least Qiao Xiu must put off that flame.

“No, your Highness.I can control the temperature of flame on me,” Zenas said.

It is really convenient setting, Qiao Xiu doesn’t have to worry about clothes getting burned.He started to design clothes.But, there is another important thing, that is to find the actress for role of Belle in”Beauty and the Demon”

Human women are not possible, suppose a little timid human girl and Zenas act together, the girl will pass out from the fear.If it is a slightly brave magician girl, then it is expected that she will directly throw a magic on Zenas’ face.

Qiao Xiu need to ensure the personal safety of the actor during the film, so he has to choose a female demon.

“Zenas, I am giving you a mission”

Qiao Xiu took out another piece of paper and quickly wrote an announcement, he put a stamp on it which represented his identity.

“Please tell”Zenas bowed slightly and was waiting for Qiao Xiu’s order.

“Go and get the most beautiful girl in town”

Qiao Xiu said.