Chapter 4-It’s not reasonable




While Zenas went out to look for actors, Qiao Xiu took advantage of the time and started to write the script for the film.

Returning back to use the medieval age charcoal pen made Qiao Xiu miss knocking on the modern eras keyboard.

Writing with the pen was not bad, but compared to the keyboard it was very slow and was also less efficient.

But what made Qiao Xiu rejoice that the physical quality of Chaos demon was for stronger than human beings, it was same with the reaction speed.Qiao Xiu took the charcoal pen and started to write fastly in the paper.

Not long after that smooth English letters were produced from Qiao Xiu’s pen.

Compared to novels the screenplays were much simpler, but the actors were super rookies who hadn’t watched even a single Qiao Xiu needed to as far as possible make them understand what meaning they were expressing.

The script could be easily handled by Qiao Xiu.He only needed a little more time to make some modification in the original script.

In a good movie, besides having a good script there should be good actors, lens, special effects, music and other things.

Qiao Xiu did not need to worry about the matter of special effects.As this world was a world of magic there was no need for any special effects, what would happen in the movie would be all real.there was no special effect which couldn’t be solved by throwing few magic tricks.

Next, the most troublesome thing Qiao Xiu thought was controlling the lens of the movie,

Qiao Xiu stopped his pen and picked up the magical version of the camera which was on the table.

The appearance of camera resembled a little bit like 18th-century’s wooden carte camera, the dark surface of it was covered with unknown inscriptions ….Qiao Xiu injected his magic.The engraved inscriptions on it works as the mechanical gears, and the injected magic power was used as the replacement of the electric power to operate the camera

Then there was the material which was used to record the image, it was also called as”source crystal” by the humans of this world.

A material with high plasticity, on earth it could resemble like copper, silicon, silver, and other industrial aggregate material humans could think of.

In simple words, it was a very convenient thing, except it could not be forged into hard helmet, armors or weapons.This material could become the carriers of all magical element.So, each caster would have more or fewer reserves of it.

The process of forging with crystal resembles a little bit like alchemy.making array, engraving inscriptions…there were many ways to change the structure of this thing.

Currently, the crystal at Qiao Xiu’s hand has been transformed into a storage medium that could record the images.

A moment back Qiao Xiu had tried the function of this thing.As long as some magic power was injected the picture that was stored in it could be projected on any plane.

There was no need to worry about the quality of the projected image.The size of the picture could also be changed according to the magic power injected into it.

There was only one small drawback.

“Why is this thing disposable?”

Qiao Xiu took a crystal that had already recorded some images, then he inserted it in the camera and tried to record again, but he found out that the new image has replaced the old one.

Does he need to make the full movie in one shot?If it was only ten minutes of a short movie, Qiao Xiu could still think about it, but Qiao Xiu planned to shoot one hundred twenty minutes long movie.

To make the full in one shot was impossible, even Hollywood’s best director Steven Spielberg won’t be able to achieve it, let alone Qiao Xiu who was a new director.

He must need to figure out a way to solve the problem of the camera.

“The world of magic uses magic to solve the problem,……”

Qiao Xiu took the two crystals which had already stored the images and brought it together, from his fingertip grey magic began to flow and poured into the middle of two crystal.

Two crystals probably would attract to each other and gradually blend together.The picture inside might also gradually get fused.

Success?Qiao Xiu was controlling the grey magic power.The two crystal had not even full fused when the temperature of it suddenly rose and dropped immediately.

In this way, the science reminded Qiao Xiu’s of his own existence.The two crystal after heating and freezing became so fragile that it directly broke into pieces.

“Do I have both ice and fire property?”

Qiao Xiu looked at the grey magic which was flowing out from his hand.

This was the unique magic power of chaos demon race……once this magic drove the third prince mad.

This magical property was similar to Chaos Knight’s Chaos Bolt magic. We wouldn’t  know how much damage was done until we see the damage it has caused.

Chaos was the last thing a scientific researcher would like to see.The demon prince had even thought of stealing the magic of humans.

That’s why he ran away from home and went to the human world.


The sigh from his soul made Qiao Xiu give up this stupid behavior that wasted the source crystal.

Fortunately, there was still time for the script to finish, the water element servant once again appeared near the entrance, just like a faithful dove she delivered her message.

“Your Highness, your guard Zenas wishes you to go the reception hall.”

Civilians were not allowed to approach the imperial palace without permission, otherwise, they would be executed directly for the felony.

To allow, a mass of unknown people to enter the imperial palace would be considered as an extremely irresistible act for the safety of other members of royal family.

Qiao Xiu doesn’t want to add unnecessary trouble to himself.

Putting the papers in order, he placed the half-finished script on the desk and followed water element servant towards reception hall which was outside of the imperial palace.

After a few minutes, Qiao Xiu reached the reception hall where the giant Zenas was waiting for him at the entrance.

“Your Highness because of my race I don’t have any concept of male and female.I only issued the order in the city and they are already here waiting for a long time.”

Qiao Xiu forgot that the demon race of Zenas uses mitosis for the reproduction, there was no difference between male and female, obviously, there was no concept of female beauty.

Therefore Qiao Xiu embraced himself and got ready to ask evil eye miss’, Skelton ladies, stone ghost females to go back home.He opened the front door of the reception hall and discovered that his worry was unnecessary.


This was the first thought came to Qiao Xiu’s mind when he looked at the females creatures standing in the hall.

The second thought was, did he enter into a prostitute’s house?like demon charm inn.

The atmosphere here was damn too sexy.

“Are they all succubus? “Qiao Xiu quietly asked the Zenas.

The appearance of the female creatures perfectly resembled that of succubus in Qiao Xiu’s memory

“Yes, your Highness” Zenas answered.

“Its also good”

Qiao Xiu looked for a table in the reception hall and took his that time the working class demon also arranged all the succubus to make them stand in a line.

This quality and working efficiency were great.If Qiao Xiu was not holding the candle as a lightning tool, he wouldn’t be able to imagine that he was really in the medieval period.

The demon clan was a strictly hierarchical group, Qiao Xiu’s chaos race status  could be regarded as  the highest status presence on the scene.

Qiao Xiu took out the pen and paper which he had brought from his room and started to register names.

In fact, the succubus could be considered very good, they were pretty and have the first-class body.Perhaps in the whole demon race, the only beautiful race would be the succubus.

“Your Highness, no matter what is your demand, I and my sister will help you complete it.”

The first lady that accepted Qiao Xiu’s audit opened her rosy lips and stretched out her tongue.there was no need for Qiao Xiu to guess at what she was hinting at.