Heavenly Farmer



Accidentally, Ye Xiaochen became new generation of Shen Nong, the treasure in the eyes of deities of three realms.

Moon fairy’s rabbit eats only the carrots grown from his farm.

The heavenly troop which was formed from the magical beans, came out from his farm.

The ninth level elixir which was just released, he supplied the materials for it.

Ye Xiaochen’s goal is to become the overlord of agriculture, not only in earth but also in whole three realms.

I want the heavens to use agricultural products that I plant, I want all the sentient beings in three realms to eat food made from my vegetables, I want all the gods to give up the idea of only swallowing air and eat meals three times in a day just like a normal person.


Chapter 1- Lightning

Chapter 2- Package

Chapter 3- Immortal Land

Chapter 4- Sales

Chapter 5- Opportunity

Chapter 6-Germination

Chapter 7-The Change

Chapter 8- Market

Chapter 9- Rescue

Chapter 10 – Richest Man

Chapter 11- Relationship

Chapter 12 -Settlement

Chapter 13- Guest

Chapter 14-Tuberose

Chapter 15-Study

Chapter 16- Mystical

Chapter 17-Method

chapter 18- Prescription

Chapter 19-Cheap hand

chapter 20- Immortal yuan

Chapter 21-Matchmaker

Chapter 22-Preparation

Chapter 23-Effects

Chapter 24-Shocked

Chapter 25-Aunt

Chapter 26-Surveying Seeds

Chapter 27-Defects

Chapter 28-Price Increase

Chapter 29-Private Dining

Chapter 30-Esteem

Chapter 31-Physique

Chapter 32-Honest

Chapter 33-Spirit cut-off

Chapter 34-Seperation

Chapter 35-Digging well

Chapter 36-Intention

Chapter 37-Similar

Chapter 38-Communication

Chapter 39-Warning

Chapter 40-Problem

Chapter 41-Pride

Chapter 42-Pouring Wine

Chapter 43-Favour

Chapter 44-Pulling out

Chapter 45-Rabbit

Chapter 46-Fishing

Chapter 47-Problems

Chapter 48-Simple

Chapter 49-Progress

Chapter 50-Appraisal

Chapter 51-Sale

Chapter 52-lottery

Chapter 53-Immortal Spring

Chapter 54-Delicious

Chapter 55-Feeling

Chapter 56-Hot Sauce

Chapter 57-Online Shopping

Chapter 58-Rejection

Chapter 59-Pickled Vegetables

Chapter 60-Online Shop

Chapter 61-Blow

Chapter 62-Brother Jie

Chapter 63-Free

Chapter 64-Orders

Chapter 65-Auction

Chapter 66-Bee Egg

Chapter 67-Poisonous Oath

Chapter 68-Nurturing

Chapter 69-Heartache

Chapter 70-Food

Chapter 71-Searching for bee

Chapter 72-Purification

Chapter 73- Ye Ying

Chapter 74- Shopping

Chapter 75- Reason

Chapter 76- Win-Win

Chapter 77- Popularity

Chapter 78-Ancient Tree

Chapter 79- Mitten Crabs

Chapter 80-Gap

Chapter 81-Plan

Chapter 82-Vitality

Chapter 83-3 days

Chapter 84-Temperature decrease

Chapter 85-Questioning

Chapter 86-Subverting

Chapter 87-Oiling

Chapter 88-Burning

Chapter 89-Reviving

Chapter 90-Branch

Chapter 91

Chapter 92

Chapter 93-Immortal Hive

Chapter 94-Hope

Chapter 95-Immortal Grass

Chapter 96-Chat

Chapter 97- Party

Chapter 98-Plan

Chapter 99-Spirit Transformation

Chapter 100-Win

Chapter 101-Relationship

Chapter 102-Show Off

Chapter 103- Premeditated

Chapter 104- Entering the Village

Chapter 105- Paying Visit

Chapter 106- Amazement

Chapter 107-Concept

Chapter 108-Reaction

Chapter 109-Depressed

Chapter 110-Mature

Chapter 111-Famous

Chapter 112-Finalize

Chapter 113-Dry Goods

Chapter 114-Five Finger Spirit Listening

Chapter 115-Miracle

Chapter 116- Immortal Fertilizers

Chapter 117- Purchase

Chapter 118 -Box

Chapter 119- Gifting Car

Chapter 120-Risk

Chapter 121- Trademark

Chapter 122- Partnership

Chapter 123-Pleasant Surprise

Chapter 124- Mid-Autumn Festival

Chapter 125- Hand Strings

Chapter 126- Fake

Chapter 127-Interview