Chapter 12 -Settlement



In the afternoon, a truck loaded with vegetables drove out of Yufeng village and headed towards Yang Shi city.

Ye Xiaochen followed the vehicle.

In addition to the vegetables, Ye Xiaochen brought along some watermelon and muskmelons, preparing to put them in the supermarket to sell.

Anyway, the contract he signed with the supermarket not only includes vegetables, but also fruits.

This is the benefit of a relationship. Had he not formed a relationship with Wang Shuisheng, it would have been a problem to sell the fruits.

Now, he has found the solution in one step.

Food Cube.

This the first place that Ye Xiaochen delivers.Chang Xu also has attached a tag of great importance to Ye Xiaochen and received him personally.

After Chang Xu tasted Ye Xiaochen’s watermelon and muskmelon, he immediately made the decision and said,

“Well, brother Ye, your watermelon, and muskmelon are really good, my restaurant needs some to make salads”.


It’s not just about giving a face to Wang Shuisheng but Ye Xiaochen’s watermelons and muskmelons look, taste and feel exceptional.

Other deliveries also went smoothly.

For few weeks, Ye Xiaochen was running between his farm and the Yang Shi city, taking care of the farm, picking the vegetables, and doing the deliveries.

Through the partner’s feedback, his vegetable sale reputation is good.

Especially his watermelons and muskmelons seem to have become popular. Basically, as long as they are up on the shelves, there is a crowd.

Many people in the supermarket chose to buy this these two fruits which also caused a situation where other watermelons and muskmelons became unsaleable in the supermarket.

To this end, two supermarkets are hoping Ye Xiaochen can provide more watermelons and muskmelons to them.

Ye Xiaochen regretted not planting some more watermelons and muskmelons.

Otherwise, with this best-selling watermelons and muskmelons, he would have made a fortune.

July will soon begin and it is the time for the settlement with several buyers.

Ye Xiaochen is very excited, according to the supply of the vegetables, he can earn a lot of profit.

He is going to get this money to buy a truck especially for delivery, otherwise, hiring other vehicles is very troublesome and also a lot of money is spent on it.

Anyway, he already got his driving license long ago.

Several bosses paid the settlement easily.

Otherwise under normal circumstances, it is difficult to get the settlement in time.

Ye Xiaochen also knows to a large extent they are giving face to Wang Shuisheng

He is also maintaining the relationship with Wang Shuisheng, a while ago, he especially went to the hospital to see the son of Wang Shuisheng who has been hospitalized.

The little guy is recovering very well.

This time, in the settlement , Ye Xiaochen got more than 87,500 yuan, after deducting the cost of labor and transport, he estimates that he can earn around 60,000yuan.

This profit is not low.

This he got only less than one month.

Certainly, next month’s income will definitely reduce, after all, he has picked out almost all of watermelon and muskmelon.

Other vegetable income should grow a lot, the new vegetables will be listed for example tomato, eggplant bitter gourd, snake gourd etc.

The reason why his income has increased so much is mainly due to the changes brought by the immortal land, by increasing the production of other ordinary vegetables and fruits.

Just the cucumber, Ye Xiaochen estimates that the production of it has more than doubled.

This is the first time in the life that Ye Xiaochen has so much money, earning this much money, he is feeling a lot of excitement in his heart.

His whole body is now filled with high spirit and self-confidence and his mental outlook also has changed.

As the proverb says, money can strengthen man’s courage.

That’s the state Ye Xiaochen is in now.

After sending the truck driver back, Ye Xiaochen went to second-hand vehicle trading market in Yang Shi city.

He is going to buy a second-hand truck first.

After all, now he has limited funds, he can’t buy a new vehicle and need to manage with what he has.

He is also prepared to improve some of the farm infrastructures and it needs a lot of money.

Now the sales of fruits and vegetables are on right track, he must take this opportunity to build a good farm, especially he needs to expand the cultivation of vegetables and fruits.

There is the market but there is no product to sell, it is the most depressing thing.

The second-hand truck market scale is not small, in the huge parking lot it was filled with all kind of truck, pickup truck, ordinary truck, van, canned truck, flatbed truck, container truck, it has everything you want to find.

Ye Xiaochen’s goal is to buy the truck within fifty thousand yuan, his requirement is not big, it is enough if the truck has a loading capacity of a 3-5 ton.

He casually entered the garage, the reception is a middle-aged man, a smart face, he was speaking in an exaggerated manner.

Ye Xiaochen could hardly resist buying things.

However, he remembered his father’s words, looking at few there was a contrast.

He does not intend to buy the truck today, he is only checking for the price.

He is also prepared to go to second-hand truck market in Jingxian county to have a look.

He looked at several trucks, he also received their name card, the price of each of them are similar but their condition is the main issue because he is just looking at them and didn’t test them.

“Mr. Ye, the refrigeration of this truck is very good, it was delivered recently  before some people had looked for it and they were satisfied, if not for that person having some matter, it would have been already sold if you miss this opportunity you will not find in any store..”

Ye Xiaochen fell in love with this refrigeration truck 90% new, well-preserved, the problem is the high price, it is more than sixty thousand yuan which has gone out of the scope he can bear..

“Maybe I can give you a discount, canceling the change, the total price is 65,000 yuan this is a favorable price, I also can’t earn much, come you try to see the performance of the truck.”

The big fat man seeing Ye Xiaochen heart swaying, he was trying more hard.

Suddenly a black land rover came from the side and stopped, the glass window fell, a middle-aged man stretched out his head and looked at Ye Xiaochen.

“Brother Ye, what are  you doing here?”

This middle-aged was Wang Shuisheng, seeing Ye Xiaochen he immediately shouted.

Ye Xiaochen heard someone calling him, he hurriedly turned his head and was surprised, he immediately walked towards Wang Shuisheng,”it is you brother Wang, I have come here to buy a second-hand truck”

When the big fat person saw Wang Shuisheng on the car, his whole body shook and revealed a touch of surprise color.

He did not have any dealings with Wang Shuisheng, but still, he recognize Wang Shuisheng the yang shi city’s richest man, it is not that Wang Shuisheng is famous but because he is the boss of the second-hand truck market.

He pays a lot of rent and management fees to Wang Shuisheng every year.

He also didn’t pay much attention to Ye Xiaochen before, thinking him of just a youth,a good lamb, but now it seems that this young man has a relationship with Wang Shuisheng and it is not same.

“Buying a second-hand truck, did you pick any?

Wang Shuisheng stepped down from the car and laughed.

“ I am looking at that one, but I do not know the market, I do not understand how  is the performance of truck, so I am hesitating.”

Ye Xiaochen said the truth.

“This is easy, you try this vehicle.”

Wang Shuisheng said to the young driver from the car.

The young man has a calm temperament, sharp eyes, and very simple look.

He nodded and went over to the truck.

The fat boss secretly wiped the sweat, in his cunning eyes, a nervous look flashed, he hurriedly handed the truck key to the youth.

The youth entered the truck, started the engine and went to the testing field.