Heavenly Farmer Chapter 115

(3/5) (TN:In the previous chapter I made a mistake in one paragraph, here is the correct one ( In general, when someone practices the Five Finger spirit listening and once they have become a true immortal planter then they would become an excellent immortal planter.)) One more chapter i will release within 2 hours. New Chapter.

Heavenly Farmer Chapter 113

My Exams are finally over and now i can concentrate on translating. This week first chapter. Next chapter will be tomorrow. (1/5) New Chapter. Chapter 113-Dry Goods If there are any mistakes, inform me. I hope you enjoy. Translator-bamboo

Heavenly Farmer Chapter 112

I got some free time during my exams and translated this chapter. I will soon start releasing the 5 chapters per week from June 16th. During this time i will try to release some chapters if i get some time, just wait for few more days guys. New Chapter. Chapter 112-Finalize If there are any

Heavenly Farmer Chapter 111

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Chapter delay + schedule change announcement

While I was translating today my laptop crashed again 😭 and it seems that I need to take it to repair, there is more than 50% of the things left to translate. I will translate it as soon as laptop comes back or by using phone if possible, there was also an announcement I had

Heavenly Farmer Chapter 110

Today i watched Avengers: Endgame and after watching i cried a lot. The movie is really very nice. New Chapter. Chapter 110-Mature If there are any mistakes, inform me. I hope you enjoy. Translator-bamboo