Chapter 1- Magical World

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In the City Library.

It’s been a long time since someone​ set foot in the historical section. It was covered with thick layers of dust. A young man is looking for something.

“ No…..not here….”

The young man muttered with disappointment.

Shaking his head, he closed the book.


A stabbing pain.

On his hand, there was a long bloodstain.

“Its happening again….”

The young man gave a wry smile. He has been careful enough, but he still did not expect he would get cut by a page.However, he was not surprised and was used to this sort of things.

His name is Chen Feng, 22 years old, since the day he was born, bad luck has been following him.

When he was a year old, he was almost choked to death while drinking milk. Three years old, his mother passed away. Five years old, his father passed away. Ten years old, his welfare institution went bankrupt and later, he was sent to other welfare institutions, till he became an adult. Altogether, there were 13 welfare institutions that collapsed for various reasons.

In addition to this, every time he goes out,he meets with some accident.

According to his incomplete statistics so far, he was blackmailed 85 times by old woman, he met with traffic accidents 36 times , he was patronized by thieves 76 times, he fell into a sewer 10 times, he was chased and bitten by dogs 15 times. Him being alive is already a miracle..

In contrast to other things, today’s incident was nothing.

His purpose for coming here today is to find the legendary “lucky artifact”

He doesn’t believe in this but his experience from infancy to adult has made him believe that in this world there exists something called luck and his life has been affected with bad luck! So, from the age he became sensible, he read all mythical books, looking for something that is able to lift his bad luck!

“ Luck beads, jade carp, four-leaf clover…”

He has tried all these things which represent luck, but all of these were completely useless!

His bad luck has not changed.

Until one day, he saw an information in the written records left behind by his father. The Fate Stone, in legend, it is said that owning it can change one’s own destiny.

His father is an archaeologist, he had examined ancient things his whole life but didn’t find anything valuable. There is also not much information on the Fate Stone.Over the years, he has gone to all kinds of strange places to find the Fate Stone, but he has never seen it.

Does it really exist?

He was suspicious.

His request is not big. He just wanted to live like an ordinary person, that is all.



No, solely to live also has become very difficult. Every time​ he goes out, he has to be unbelievably vigilant, and just with a little bit of slack, he might die in the middle of the road!

This world has become a battleground for him.

“ Where the hell are you?”

Chen Feng sighed, he quietly took out alcohol from his schoolbag to disinfect his wound and wrapped the gauze on his hand. As a person who gets hurt every day, his bag contains a first aid kit.

The sky has turned dark.

The library will also close soon. Chen Feng was ready to leave, but his foot slipped and stumbled beside a bookshelf, a pile of book came crashing down on him.

“ Damn!”

Chen Feng cursed.

He knew it wouldn’t go smoothly.

He looked at the place where he slipped,there was actually some water stains on the ground, he looked up and there was a leakage in the roof.

“ Really….”

Chen Feng couldn’t help but smile bitterly.

Bad luck played its role again

With an aching body, he got up and was about to leave, when his body suddenly froze. Amidst the pile of ancient books,there was one book that captured his attention.

Title – The Luck

“ This thing…..”

Chen Feng became a little curious.Unexpectedly, there was really a book on luck.

He carefully opened it.

It was introduced in large length about  various kind of strange luck, from universal astrology to cosmic sign, Chen Chen Feng had also seen this in many other books, the majority of the content were just nonsense, this book is more like a 20 dollar pirated mixture of different books.

“ Sure enough.”

Chen Feng gave a self-ridicule smile but then, his body suddenly became stiff because when he turned to the next page, a name appeared – The Fate Stone!

It doesn’t matter from which ancient book it was pirated from, because here on the introduction of the Fate Stone, there was an incredibly detailed description.

The Fate Stone. The rumored luck artifact.

In rumours, it is said that there is a kind of power it holds, which is above ordinary power, it can not be seen but it affects everything. So far, no one knows what kind of power it is. It is only known that perhaps it may be related with luck and the Fate Stone can control its power.

“ It really exists.”

Chen Feng’s mouth became dry with excitement.

He turned the page to read the following description, but his eyes became wide open. On this page, there was the image of the Fate Stone. He was completely stunned, as this was not the first time Chen Feng had saw the shape of the Fate Stone.

It was the image of a coin sized object with some strange patterns on it.

“ Is this really the Fate Stone?”

Chen Feng’s voice trembled, this was not because of the image, but due to other thing, Chen Feng opened his shirt’s collar and revealed the thing he was wearing on his neck. Unexpectedly, it was the Fate Stone that was shown in the book!

“ How is this possible?”

Chen Feng was shocked.


The Fate Stone…..all this time, he has been wearing it?

When he was born, his father gave it to him as a gift, this is also his father’s only relic, this was actually the Fate Stone? However, if this is really the fate Stone, then, how come he is always in bad luck?

Is it a fake?

Or is it a replica made by his father?

Chen Feng held back his shock and continued to read.

It is rumored that the Fate Stone has an extraordinary power, but it is not easy to use. Before activation, the Fate Stone will continue to absorb the surrounding luck,after absorbing enough luck, it will activate. So, if you don’t have the power to activate it, then, it will be a nightmare for you.

“ Damn it!”

Chen Feng couldn’t help but burst out in foul language.

Absorbing the surrounding luck?

His whole body became cold, he finally understood the source of his bad luck!

His father got​ this Fate Stone from an ancient tomb and gave it to himself.

“ This thing…”

Chen Feng subconsciously wanted to pull it away, but he wasn’t​ able to.

“ It can’t be removed through conventional ways?”

Chen Feng calmed down and looked down again.

The Fate Stone cannot be taken down after it has been worn, you can only control its power after activating it. If you accidently got it, then you should activate it.

Next, the method for activation is provided.

Chen Feng looked at it, it was not difficult.As long as he put an array with his own blood and put the Fate Stone in the middle, it will activate.

“ So simple?”

Chen Feng frowned.

He didn’t feel right about this, but the temptation of losing this damned bad luck was so great that even he had dreamed of discarding this bad luck and living his life!

“ Let’s try it out.”

Chen Feng pulled down the gauze.

With blood on his finger, he drew the strange array on the wooden floor. Chen Feng’s face was very serious. He then put the stone in the middle of the array.

“ Buzz–”

A strange light flashed,

Chen Feng’s mind shook crazily.


The blood in the array condensed and turned into a red light.The Fate Stone gave out an amazing halo. Chen Feng became excited, he noticed an engraving on the light: ” When the Fate Stone activates, it will absorb all the surrounding luck to complement the energy required by it.”

Not good!

Chen Feng’s complexion changed greatly.

Absorbing all the luck? This was not written in this damned pirated book!​! The Fate Stone didn’t even activate after twenty years. What would happen when all the luck is instantaneously absorbed??

He doesn’t know


Without any hesitation, Chen Feng turned around to run.

However, at this moment, the whole library shook.

“ Boom!”

“ Boom!”


Chen Feng didn’t even have time to escape, he got buried under huge boulders, his vision became dark and he lost his consciousness, he only vaguely remembered that the Fate Stone flashed a golden light on his neck.

*At night.*

*A news channel.*

“ At six in the evening, there was a slight earthquake in the city. The City Library collapsed on the spot, causing the death of one person. According to the relevant department investigation, it may be associated with jerry-built projects….”



It was dark.

There was chaos in his consciousness.

After a long time, Chen Feng’s consciousness returned. He slowly opened his eyes.The blurred world became clearer, but the surroundings were still dark and there was a strange fishy smell coming from nearby.

“ Where is this?”

Chen Feng looked puzzled

Surrounded by darkness, only the faint glimmering light on his wrist allowed him see, this place looked like a cave, there was only darkness as far as he can see.

“ Strange, I am not dead?”

Chen Feng was shocked.

He looked at the glittering wristband and felt memories not belonging to himself, he suddenly understood.

He had crossed through!

He had searched through various mythological books. Naturally, he also read a lot of novels. Thinking of the golden light before death, Chen Feng somewhat understood. The Fate Stone absorbed all the luck, triggering the earthquake, but because of the successful activation of the Fate Stone, it didn’t let him die and made him crossed through here!

“ I’m alive”

Chen Feng was excited.

Of course he was excited. His bad luck has finally disappeared! However, in the end what kind of world is this? At this moment, the memory of the original master completely emerged.

Chen Feng went through the memories and was impressed by it.

This world is somewhat similar to Earth,but also entirely different at the same time. After getting a great breakthrough in genetic research, the whole world entered into the era of genes. Human beings can not only develop their own potential, but can also fuse genes with genetically mutated organisms. Almost everyone can have genetic abilities!

Some people use this ability in work to become industry elite. While some people, after genetic fusion, get super combat powers and they are known as a genetic warrior.

Thus, the world had changed.

The emergence of genetic ability made the whole world enter a state of rapid development.


Earth’s resources are close to being exhausted, so they started looking for different planet’s.

This continent, this planet, is the greatest wealth of mankind! It has it’s own moon and sun which is similar to Earth’s. Except for the size which seemed to be countless times larger! The size of the continent itself is ten thousand times larger than the Earth.

There is no shortage of resources in this world!

Because so far, the progress of the development of the continent is only at 18%!

Even though, human’s technology can easily travel through stars, there are a lot places on this planet where humanity doesn’t dare to step in!

For example – The Ice Field of The North.

There are rumours that some certain kind of special ability exist there, making the time nearly static. If a person enters that place, he cannot come out till eternity! The gene union had sent some group of genetic warriors in the past and then they never heard the news from them anymore.

Another example – The Peak of Burning Volcano!

There are rumours that there is an ancient mutant beast sleeping there once it drank up the whole river. After that, this place has become a​ restricted land for humanity.

There are many similar places like these.

It is a dangerous world but also a magical world!

Chen Feng’s eyes shined brightly.

This world is more exciting than he had imagined!


This is only one part of it.

According to the memory of the original owner, the era of gene has produced many mysterious and astonishing technological equipments.


Some people continue to fuse gene and got super high combat ability, while some people go through constant fusion genes and got mysterious genetic ability!

For example – The founder of storm technology is the world’s largest technology company, Luo Yuan.

His ability is digitalization, the user can release some mysterious ability to detect their own genetic status, mental state and even the degree of techniques you grasp according to your muscle memory. He was despised by countless people because of his non-combat type of genes.

However, after years of experiment,Luo Yuan had extracted this mysterious and profound ability, he manufactured the wristband that everyone can wear, which has created a legend!

As long as you activate the wristband, you can examine your own state.

Therefore, this world today is not only the era of genes, but also the era of data!



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