Chapter 2-The Position





“ Is it really amazing?”

Chen Feng was curious, he touched the black wrist belt on his left hand, suddenly a light screen appeared.

“ Buzz-”

The wrist belt trembled for a moment, then a force pulse quickly circulated through his body and returned to the wrist belt and the screen was filled with new data.


Gene properties:

Strength: 10

Agility: 10

Constitution: 10

Spirit: 30

Current Status:

Physical strength: 10/10 (each point of constitution can enhance a maximum of only of 1 point of constitution)

Spiritual Strength: 30/30 (each point of spiritual strength can enhance a maximum of only 1 point of spiritual strength)

Genetic Abilities:

Wind Blade: Uses spiritual strength to condense wind around the wind blade. It causes certain damage and there is a small probability for releasing continuous wind blades (estimation 5%).

General Ability:

Low Combat Skills: Has certain degree of lethality (according to mental and muscle memory detection, matching the database memory and judging with data stored in the wristband chip. To guarantee your safety to the connection and correctness of data, please update regularly).

Special Abilities:

Lucky Aura: Consumes the luck value stored inside the Fate Stone. It substantially increases luck for a short period of time, the remaining luck value is 10 points (The Fate Stone absorbs the energy of the world, according to the current world assessment, an average of 1 luck values per hour)


This is his data! The basic attributes are the most primitive unit of human strength. It is amazing that it can show the status of each person, but Chen Feng cared more about the last one, special abilities.

“ Lucky Aura?”

Chen Feng was surprised.

He thought that the Fate Stone had disappeared, but he never imagined that it would integrate with himself!

When he saw there is only 10 points of luck value, Chen Feng guessed what might have happened at the time of the City Library’s collapse. All the luck values which was stored inside the Fate Stone erupted in that moment and brought him to this world.

“ Is this your power?”

Chen Feng muttered.

The Fate Stone brought a disaster and a blessing.

He had gone through the worst of life.

But why am I in this place?

“ Let’s check”

Chen Feng skipped some of the messy things in the original owner’s memories, then he immediately saw a very inspiring story.

His name is Chen Feng, he is an orphan who lives in Jin City.

He lost both of his parents when he was young, his result was very good, he entered high school with a scholarship and studied genetic course. He grasped genetic ability and other skills in high school, he was a major person in his class and became the topic of the parents of the other children.

If there is no accident, he would have become the rare case of poor standing on his own.

However, the reality is often cruel. On the day of his college entrance examination,  he was thrown into the sea to feed the sharks instead of being in the examination room.

As for the reason?

It is estimated that the original owner was not aware of the reason behind his death, but Chen Feng could guess by looking at the memory.

The world’s top university, The North Qing university of gene production department has only one quota for Jin City, as the original owner was an outstanding student, his goal has always been to do a major in this profession. So, what was the final result?

He was blocking some people’s way.

“ Poor child”


Chen Feng made a silent tribute to him, the original owner had spent most of his time working and studying, his emotional intelligence was in negative, but unknowingly someone had planned his death.

“ If I had come earlier, there wouldn’t have been so much sadness.”

(Tl: I am guessing that he is referring, if only he was reanimated earlier there would not be any incident of this sort)

Chen Feng said confidently .



He always felt there was something wrong.

Outstanding student?

No…..wait a minute!

The shark!

Wasn’t he thrown into the sea to feed the sharks?


Chen Feng finally knew where the problem was.

“ Boom!”

The thick ground began to vibrate, the walls around him started to creep and strange mucus was secreted out from the surrounding areas.

Chen Feng’s face changed.


Chen Feng suddenly thought of something.

According to the image provided by the original owner and the data by his wrist belt, this creature is a spiritual type variation of Black Sea Shark. The moment the original owner was swallowed, it instantly destroyed his consciousness and soul, leaving behind nothing but an empty shell. Chen Feng was lucky enough to be reborn in this body.

This place…

It is not a cave, but inside of a shark!

“ Boom!”

“ Boom!”

Chen Feng leaned on one side of the wall.

“ Boom!”

The roar continued.

It seems the Black Sea Shark Variant has woken up. Chen Feng felt the whole world is turning upside down, the strange liquid was also constantly​ secreting out.

Just a drop had fallen on Chen Feng’s clothes, and it had directly melted his clothes.

Currently, the liquids started flowing out from the surrounding gaps and rushed towards​ Chen Feng.

“ It’s not good.”

Chen Feng took a deep breath.

Although he doesn’t know where he is, but he can guess that he should be inside the stomach of the Black Sea Shark variant, there is no exit and only one entrance that through the esophagus, but it has been blocked by the mucus, there is no way to cross through it. It seemed to be the end for Chen Feng.

“ What to do?”

Chen Feng made himself calm down.

There is no exit and the only entrance is closed. He can only force his way out. In today’s era, the genetic warrior is very strong, a single unit of strength is equal to the power of one ordinary human, and Chen Feng’s power and agility is 10 points!

Which is 10 times​ the strength and speed of a normal human, perhaps….

“ Boom!”

Chen Feng threw a strong hit.

“ Hiss—”

Chen Feng gasped, he felt a strong pain in his hand and there was not even a single reaction on the place where he hit. Yes, Chen Feng is very strong, but in this era of genes, the variant beasts are quite strong as well, especially this giant Black Sea Shark Variant, it’s physical constitution is simply outrageous!

“ This is really not good.”

Chen Feng looked at another skill on the light screen – wind blade.

Genetic abilities are the signature for the warrior in this era.

The people who can control genetic ability are said to true genetic warriors, and a spiritual type genetic warrior is the most mysterious and powerful! Therefore, the genes of spiritual type are very expensive. The original owner exhausted all of his scholarship resources, only to buy the lowest genetic reagent of spiritual type.

‘The wind blade’!

This genetic ability is weaker​ compared to other type of spiritual genes.

But now he can only try.

“ The spiritual power is 30 units, hope that it doesn’t disappoint me.”

Chen Feng took a deep breath.

The wind blade!


A mysterious force emerged from inside of Chen Feng’s body and condensed in the void. A blue arc light of blade condensed out and ruthlessly chopped forward.

“ Poof”

A light sound came, the wind blade disappeared and formed a small blood pit on the wall of the stomach.

“ Ow___”

A deafening roar came from the shark, the stomach shook violently, Chen Feng was almost pierced by the strange mucus.

“ It’s not working!!”

Chen Feng looked toward the blood hole.

His strongest ability had barely caused any injuries, it is not enough to shake this huge Black Sea Shark Variant! He is not an opponent of it.

He is now inside the Black Sea Shark, which is the most vulnerable place!

Damn it, did he just reborn to die again?

Chen Feng looked at the data displayed on the wrist strap, he still has 10 points of luck value, but he doesn’t think this can help him to get out alive from here, in front of absolute strength, sometimes even luck….

Wait a minute, Cheng Feng suddenly froze. He carefully looked at the description of lucky aura and then at the wind blade, his attention fixed on the description of the wind blade: “ It has a small probability of releasing continuous wind blade (estimation only 5%)”

Continuous release?


Because the odds were too small so Chen Feng ignored it.

The reason is very simple, 5% of probability can only have two continuous burst, then for three consecutive burst? 0.25%! As for four and five consecutive burst? Its probability is even lower! And combined with the genetic evaluation of the original master’s gene fusion was low, so the power of this wind blade itself was weaker, but….. if you were to combine it with the lucky aura?

Chen Feng’s mind moved.

He has 10 points of luck, it should be able to support lucky​ aura for some time, then what will be the power of his wind blade?

He was looking forward to it!