Chapter 3-Breaking Out





At Jin City, the Shark Bay.

The fresh air blowing gently from the sea made people enchanted.

Five burly men, with weapon on hands were ready for a fight. Their weapon were so sharp that it reflected the dazzling ray of sunlight.

“ Are you ready?”

A middle-aged man walked in with a serious look.

“ Don’t worry boss.”

Several big men said with a smile.

“ Be serious.”

Morey gave them a harsh stare: ” This time, we are going to hunt the Black Sea Shark  Variant, it is the king of the sea of this area, its strength is very terrible. I’m afraid that those things in your hands might not even break the skin of it. To kill it, you must depend on your genetic abilities.”

“ Is that thing so strong?”

Several guys face finally became dignified.

“ Otherwise, why would I ask you to come?”

Morey gave a wry smile. ” To tell you the truth, last time a genetic squad took up the task of killing it, but it killed all of them instead. Not even a single person was able to come back alive. I would have never come here if my father’s injury wasn’t too serious. The Black Sea Shark  Variant’s liver is a key material for his treatment.”

“ We understood.”

A few big guys looked at each other’s eyes with unprecedented focus.

“ That’s good.”

Morey relaxed, ” You must be careful, run away if the situation is not good.”

“Hope, this time it will go smoothly.”

Morey lightly sprinkled a few drops of shark soul incense, ” This thing is the most attractive to the Black Sea Shark  Variant, it will arrive soon. So, get ready to kill it!”

“ Yes!”

The atmosphere became solemn.

All of them were staring towards the calm sea with eagle eyes.

“ Whish-”

A shock came from the sea.

A dark blue light flashed from the inside of the sea.

“ Here it comes!”

Morey was excited. ” Now!”


Swish! Swish!

The sharp weapons were thrown towards the Black Sea Shark , but they all bounced off from its thick skin, it didn’t even leave a single scratch on it.”

“ Take this you filthy monster!”

A big man clenched his fist and strange purple black veins were spreading around his right arm, one could tell that a powerful force was condensed in his right hand.

The strength has reached 60 points.

“ QI! Lin! Fist!”

The guy jumped and punched towards the Black Sea Shark  Variant.

“ Bang!”

The terrible force erupted in an instant and swept around at least five metres of waves.

“ Ah!”

The Black Sea Shark  Variant roared.

“ Buzz-”

A strange shock wave came.


The body of the man who still hasn’t fallen to the ground began to bleed.

“ It’s a spiritual attack, this is not good, the Black Sea Shark  has unexpectedly evolved to this point.”

There was a big change on Morey’s face, he firmly ordered. ” Quick, bring the third back and give up on the hunt!”

“ Yes.”

On the back of one large man, a thin layer of light wings had unfolded, he dodged the Black Sea Shark  Variant like a shadow and quickly brought back the unconscious man.

“ Damn!”

Morey clenched his fist as he unwillingly looked towards the Black Sea Shark  Variant.

The hunt has not even begun yet but they have already failed and from the spiritual attack, he knew that they can’t compete with this level of Black Sea Shark  Variant.

“ Mo boss.”

Several big guys were ashamed.

“ Don’t blame yourself!”

Morey looked somewhat low spirited: ” This Black Sea Shark  has evolved to this point that it is not possible for it to be hunt by ordinary men, unless it is really a genuine powerhouse…” At this time.

Suddenly, a painful scream reverberated throughout the skies.

“ Ah!—”

“ What is that?”


Much to his surprise, he looked towards the sea and saw an amazing scene.

The Black Sea Shark , which was triumphant moments ago, was now suddenly rolling in pain and creating huge waves in the sea.

“ What’s going on?”

Morey and the others were horrified.

And then something amazing happened.


On the body of the Black Sea Shark  Variant, bloodstains appeared and the skin which they weren’t able to pierce at all started to collapse in front of them.

“ Bang!”

“ Bang!”

The sea was stained with blood and the terrible sea waves were growing higher and higher.

Suddenly, a bright blue color blade shot out from the body of the Black Sea Shark  Variant, it frightened them to a jump. However, before they could react properly, more blue color light blade bursted out from the its body, every light blade shined brightly under the reflection of the Sun!

What is this?

Everyone stared at the scene were shocked.

All of a sudden,

“ Boom!”

A thunderous roar was coming from the sea, a strong figure shot out from the Black Sea Shark  Variant’s body and steadily landed on the shore of the shark bay.

Behind him, blood splattered in every direction.

The roaring Black Sea Shark  turned over and became silent.

Morey and other guys incredibly looked at the person in front of them, the genetic powerhouse which instantly killed the Black Sea Shark  Variant was unexpectedly an immature youth.

“ I’ve came out!” Chen Feng rejoiced.

Beautiful sunlight, the fresh air.

“ Ha ha ha!”

He had came out alive, looking at the body, he has completely exhausted the 10 luck point. He actually used both the wind blade and lucky aura at same time. The genetic ability which was considered garbage, blossomed into a stunning attack! Infinite blades of wind!

In the state of lucky aura, ten wind blade per second consumed 1 luck point. If there is enough luck point, he can release the wind blades till eternity.

Although the attack power is really weak.

So now….

Is it time to go back?

Chen Feng moved his body, he looked at the people who had been staring at him. “ What’s the matter?”

“ No, nothing”

Morey stuttered.

A strong person!

This is a real strong person!

Having such formidable power at such a young age.  Perhaps it may not only be due to talent, but also due to a strong powerhouse behind him which cannot be underestimated.

“ No, pardon me. Actually, I have some matter.”

Morey said while stammering, ” Senior, can you sell me this black shark’s liver?”

“ The Black Sea Shark ?”

Chen Feng glanced towards the sea. Suddenly, he was dumbfounded. ” This shark is sold to you.”

“ Thanks!”

Morey said with excitement, “ Great, my father can be saved!”

On the wrist light panel appeared, Morey quickly sent $500,000 to Chen Feng.

According to Chen Feng’s understanding of this world’s currency, this price is absolutely not low. He just crossed to this world and had a huge harvest. Of course, if possible, Chen Feng would never want to get swallowed by the Black Sea Shark  Variant. It’s too dangerous!

“Many thanks, senior!”

Morey continued to thank him

Chen Feng only smiled and left.

“ Our luck is good.”

Morey was very excited: ” We were able to bump into a strong person who was able to hunt a Black Sea Shark  and the other party also didn’t care about money. Otherwise……”

“ Have students always been so strong?”

The unconscious big man woke up and said with a bitter tone.

“ That’s the benefit of schooling.”

Morey sighed. “ You learn genetic course in high school. The school provides resources and the right condition, the students practice speed is also several times faster. This is because the school provides basic foundation, the college entrance exam only test their foundation. After passing the college entrance exam, they can enter the university to increase their cultivation. Don’t know by how many times their cultivation speed can become faster.

“ Later, I must send my son to school!”

The big man said sharply.

“ That’s only natural.”


Morey nodded. ” Even if the ordinary students have a good foundation, they will not be so strong. This teenager is certainly a top elite!”

The crowd was filled with excitement.

But, what they do not know is that, this elite student that they have been talking about, has just failed the college entrance exam.