Month: January 2017

Chapter 17

Here is the second chapter of the week! Have fun reading it! Chapter 17-Method   Translator-bamboo Editor-Saki

Chapter 16

Here is the first chapter of the week! Please look forward for more releases this week. Chapter 16- Mystical   translator-bamboo Editor-Saki

Chapter 15

Third and final chapter of the week. I guess this is the first time I released 3 chapters in a week. Hope I can continue it in the future! Chapter 15-Study Translator-bamboo Editor-Saki  

Chapter 13

Hi guys, here is chapter 13.. Now we have a new editor, its thanks to the fast editing that we can expect faster releases of chapters in the future. Chapter 13- Guest Translator- bamboo Editor-Saki

Chapter 12

This chapter was edited half by greenleaf and rest is edited by me. I am not a confident editor but I tried my best. Hope you enjoy the chapter! Chapter 12 -Settlement

Chapter 11

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