Chapter 19- Death Performer

Qiao Xiu’s proposal achieved its purpose. Finally, the Skeleton Duke in spite of everything gladly accepted Qiao Xiu’s request and turned Qiao Xiu from a rude person who abruptly intruded into his territory to the distinguished guest who came to listen to his concerts from the distant land.

As an identity of the human, the live experience of this concert…… would make one’s blood run cold.

The skeleton Duke has a special performance room in the castle, it has all kinds of the instrument; from Piano to Violin, and could be completely used to perform a grand classical concert.

Some of the musicians who were playing these instruments were skeletons, while others were decaying corpses with the rotten pieces of meat hanging on them.

They were dressed similarly to the 19th-century Victorian period British gentleman and made them appear elegant when they picked up the musical instruments.

The only disadvantage was there was less flesh on the body. The appearance of the white skeletons was far from the term of elegant person, let alone the rotting corpses whose eyeball have fallen to the ground.

The skeleton Duke was not the conductor of this special band, instead, he was the pianist in this performance!

Slender and the pure white fingers pounded on the piano, a series of strange melodies started coming from the piano, officially the classical concert held by dead started.

“What’s going on……”

Ciri doesn’t know how to appreciate the classical music,  she just sensed that when these notes entered into her ears, she perceived a deep chill in her bone, which made her shiver a little and had no choice but to hold her arms.

When she was standing in the snow-covered forest, Ciri didn’t feel the slightest cold, but these strange notes made her feel like she was thrown under the ice lake.

To make the matter worse, in the dark lake beneath the ice, an unknown water monster was closely staring at her!

This feeling made Ciri Shiver.

“Holding your arms is useless. You try to image a sun or fire” Qiao Xiu said to Ciri.

“I can’t imagine anything good listening to this performance.”

Ciri complaints spoke out what Qiao Xiu really thought in his heart.

From the beginning, Qiao Xiu discovered that the performance was fundamentally different from what he had heard before.

Skeleton Duke’s performance was not like an ordinary concert. The notes that passed from the skeleton’s piano made Qiao Xiu not only with his sense of hearing but also with touch, taste, vision and other sense to understand the meaning the notes were expressing…..

Cold, silence, like the loneliness of swimming in a frozen lake, it was cold enough to make people want to suffocate.

Qiao Xiu’s seemed to be frozen, and his mouth was filled with the cold water of the lake.

The magic that could affect the spirit of others?

When the song finished, Qiao Xiu finally shook the bone penetrating cold feeling, Qiao Xiu found that his hands were covered with frost, and his body temperature was also too low.

It was not as simple as just affecting the spirit! Qiao Xiu removed the condensed frost in his hand and the cold breath he just released turned into a white mist.

If the skeleton dukes continue to play, the listener’s body might get hypothermia and even his life might be taken away!

Death Performer? Qiao Xiu’s mind inexplicably came up with this word.

As a Chaos Demon, Qiao Xiu’s body could still support, but the Ciri’s condition was a little worse.

Her lip began to whiten and frost appeared on her long eyelashes, it seemed as if she had walked for hours in a terrible minus ten-degree temperature.

Qiao Xiu immediately took off his coat and put it on Ciri.

“You… your clothes…. It’s wet!”

Ciri’s trembling voice felt like she was about to burst out into tears, but if her tears fall, it might turn into icicles.

Qiao Xiu took Ciri’s hand and found it was as cold as ice.

If it goes on like this………., Ciri would soon die of temperature imbalance!

It seems that it was not as simple as just buying a ticket to enjoy the performance of the skeleton duke. If one was not strong enough, then they have to pay for the ticket with their life.

“Can’t even listen to a piece of music? The human body is very weak and vulnerable.”

The skeleton Duke noticed Ciri’s weakness. He stopped playing the piano and the frost on his white fingertips fell off.

When the music stopped, Qiao Xiu’s symptoms of heat loss was eased a little.

Qiao Xiu applauded with his frozen hand, he did it not because of the excellent performance, but simply as a basic courtesy of an audience.

Hearing Qiao Xiu’s applause, the Skeletons Duke’s face looked little better….  It should not be said his face, but the flickering soul fire in his eyes has stabilized a little.

“The Duke’s performance is really extraordinary, and after listening to it, I felt like I was immersed in it…….”

It was more than the being immersed, if he had kept on playing, Qiao Xiu felt he was going to freeze to death.

On earth, Do not know how many game designers want to achieve the virtual reality sense, unexpectedly, Qiao Xiu actually experienced it in this performance.

“However, Sir Duke, your playing is not meant for human beings, and probably even  most people in the Demon world can’t enjoy it ”

Qiao Xiu could swear that if the Skeleton Duke goes to the city to play the same tune, more than 50% of the city’s resident would be frozen into ice.

“It’s just that they don’t have the capability.”

The skeleton was completely a proud classical musician……He doesn’t think there was any problem with his performance, it was just the ignorant and weak couldn’t be able to appreciate it.

“It’s true that they don’t have the capability to appreciate your performance, But Sir Duke… Don’t you think it is somewhat cold? ”

Qiao Xiu admits that the Skeletons Dukes performance was very good.

The song itself has a quiet, cold and lonely feeling. If the song was used as music in the horror game, then it would definitely belong to the music that could add points to the overall atmosphere of the game.

Qiao Xiu has always believed that music doesn’t have the distinction between good and bad. Except for some noise, every kind of music has a group to appreciate, just as some people like classical music, some people like pop music but were not interested in traditional music.

No one could tell the music of different genre as good or bad. If Someone really does, then that person is conceited!

Good and bad music was a matter of personal perception.

If the skeleton Duke’s performance was not too real, the real that made Qiao Xius think of holding the heater, then Qiao Xiu would certainly appreciate it.

It was not only Ciri and Qiao Xiu that were affected, but even the performers themselves were affected.

For example, the skeleton Duke’s fingers were already covered with frost, he had to remove the frost by moving his five fingers.

“The is the necessary effect the show should have.”

The Skeleton Duke did not deny Qiao Xiu’s claim.