Chapter 5-Qualified person




“Thanks for your participation.Next!”

Qiao Xiu didn’t know how many times he had to say the same lines.

The girls Zenas recruited were truly outstanding.If he really took them to shooting in the human world, then in a few years the average physical fitness of humanity would surely go down by few points.

But, this kind of vulgar thing could not be compared with the real film, the film is an art.There were several films that had affected the life of Qiao Xiu, which gave Qiao Xiu power.For example “The legend of 1900”, “Shawshank’s redemption”, “V for Vendetta” and so on.

Therefore, Qiao Xiu was not willing to see the art created by the seniors of the earth to get tarnished in his own hands.

“Your Highness, you have just checked the last one.”

Zenas whispered in Qiao Xiu’s ears.Even though Zenas said in low voice, it could be heard clearly in the entire hall.

“Last one?Isn’t near the entrance someone is still standing?Let her come in.”

Qiao Xiu swept a glance at the register in his hands.He had continually reviewed 32 succubi one after another.Many succubi after getting informed by Qiao Xiu as hopeless in a tactful way left directly, but there was also some who were standing in the hall till the last audition, they seemed to be the friends of the one who were getting audited.

Zenas also noticed a figure that had been waiting at the entrance for a long time, but the other person hadn’t come inside, so Zenas chose to ignore her.

“Lord…What can I do for you?”

The several succubi who were just eliminated stepped back in fear when they saw the huge figure of Zenas coming towards them, the crime demons were famous for “No desire, No sex” race, the cheaper tricks of succubus would not work in front the crime demons.

Therefore, the crime demons also had taken the role of overseer of city’s order.In a nutshell police.

“His Highness wants to see this guy”           

“Highness?Wait a minute lord, you might have made a mistake?This despicable guy is not from our race….”

“It is not a request, it’s an order!”

Zenas while speaking spewed out some green flame, which instantly increased the surrounding temperature by more than 10 degrees and reached a level of extreme heat.

“…Ino, You roll over here!”

The succubus couldn’t endure the enormous pressure, biting her teeth, she gave an order to the fellow behind her.

With some fear, that figure came near Zenas, the great oppression of Zenas made him tremble.

“The highness wants to see you.Follow me”

Zenas pulled back the flames overflowing from his body, and the surrounding temperature returned to normal.

The scene was observed by Qiao Xiu, he felt little strange by the attitude of the succubus.

Succubus was not a strong race in hell, if the ghosts were at the bottom position, then the position of succubus was just three grade higher than them, but still, it was far away from the position of demon nobility.After all, this race was full of females, in addition to just having some spirit control magic, their physical abilities were not much better than human beings.

The figure followed Zenas and arrived in front of Qiao Xiu.He was clearly able to see his figure.

She looked like a pretty girl, and was different from those succubi which had bewitching smiles, her uneasiness could arouse desire in any male to protect her.

She was also dressed differently from those succubi which Qiao Xiu had audited previously.

She wore very rough clothes and completely had an appearance of a servant.

Suffering exclusion from her own ethnic race?Was she born with a flaw, is that the reason why they’re treating her differently?


Qiao Xiu looked at her and asked the name which he heard a moment ago if it was correct.

“Ye..yes your highness.”

Her both hand were tightly holding the lower hem corner of the thick cotton garment, she lowered her head and did not dare to look at Qiao Xiu.Her silver-white hair was falling down from her ear.

“You are also a succubus race.”

Qiao Xiu glance at her bat-like wings and the long tail.A few high-grade succubus would have sheep like legs, but it was a pity that Qiao Xiu rejected all those high-grade succubi.


She continued to answer in a very timid voice.

“Then why are you excluded by your race?”

Qiao Xiu wanted to know the problem since this succubus had satisfied him the most.

Her appearance was enough to be a heroine of any movie, though she had a little weak temperament, but it was better than those bi**h succubi.

At least this timid and cowardice shortcoming, Qiao Xiu knows how to correct, but he won’t be able to change the b***h likes characters.If it couldn’t be changed, then Qiao Xiu would keep like those girls at arms distance, no matter how beautiful they were.

“Raise your head and look at me.”

The position of the actress was temporarily reserved for her, so Qiao Xiu started to correct her cowardice nature, and the first thing was to make her confident.

“Your Highness…..”

“You don’t have any right to choose, miss Ino” Qiao Xiu said.

Somehow when she heard the word miss, her body shook and finally lifted her head slowly.

“Now answer my question, why are you excluded from your race?”

Qiao Xiu fixed his eyes on her scarlet pupil and repeated the question.


She gently bit her lip, then like accepting her fate she closed her eyes, and said her life’s most humiliating thing.

“I’m a male.”

Male?That is to say the pronoun “she” was wrong and should be “he”?

Qiao Xiu once again looked at him carefully, no matter from where he sees, he looks like an adorable girl.So Qiao Xiu decided to still use ‘she’.

“Male?it doesn’t matter.”

When Qiao Xiu said this sentence, she opened her eyes and surprisingly looked at Qiao Xiu.

“This…your highness, aren’t you angry?”

Succubus race was mostly composed of females.There were few males which were born as a succubus, but their position would be low in the race because they don’t have any inherited succubus talent and were to doomed to not able to absorb others life energy to increase their own strength.

Ino’s position was very bottom in the society of succubus, and was not much different from those low-level ghosts, if anyone would have a crush on her, then that guest would fly in a rage after knowing her gender.

When Ino found that she had been seen by Qiao Xiu, she thought the prince would become angry after learning about her gender.

“Pretty good, you fit my condition.”

After saying this, Qiao Xiu saw a subtle change in the eyes of demons in the reception hall, even the Ino who was standing in front him opened her mouth with surprise.

Qiao Xiu knew that these guys misunderstood him.Even in this world, it was not acceptable things in between same sex.

Fortunately, Qiao Xiu’s sexual orientation was normal.

“Your Highness, if you like, it won’t be a problem to give you this body, but just don’t send me back…”

Ino inherited the cunningness of succubus, before coming here she still remembered the look of succubus before coming here.If prince didn’t accept her and sent her back…she could not imagine what kind of torture she would suffer.

“Body?No,…What I want is not your body.”

Qiao Xiu had no interest in men.

“Your Highness, please do not be worried.Although…this  is the first time.”

She thought that Qiao Xiu had different taste, and that’s why chose her, she also doesn’t have anything except for her body.

“How many times is not the issue.”

Qiao Xiu thought of a more suitable explanation.

“I am going to give you a job.Your succubus race can easily capture any man’s heart.But, the job I am going to give you if you do good enough… then you can easily capture numerous males and even females’ heart!They will love you regardless of race, you will earn proper respect, more respect than now.”

Actors have always been a respected profession, several old actors have left many classics for humanity with their acting skills.And this spiritual treasure was far more important than the pleasures of meat and body.

“Can I really?”

Ino doesn’t know, what job Qiao Xiu was talking about, it was just a hope for her to get these respect and receive love.The best situation she could think of was living as “third prince toy” identity.

“Can’t know, until you try, but the first thing is to replace those old rags like clothes.”

Qiao Xiu wrote Ino’s name on the last piece of white paper, and stamped the seal which represents his identity, giving her the right to enter the imperial palace.

“Zenas, take her to change the clothes.Remember to change the men’s clothing.”


Zenas came forward and motioned Ino to follow him.With some fear, Ino took the steps.

“Hold your head up and be confident.Don’t forget that you’re a boy, don’t lose to those women.”

Qiao Xiu said.

Qiao Xiu doesn’t know if this world has the concept of being manly, but on earth, Qiao Xiu often listened to these words said by his father.