Chapter 6-Addicted to Reading





Meanwhile in Qiao Xiu’s room.

The white magic particle gathered inside his room, and within a few seconds formed a human-like figure.

The figure condensed from unreal to an entity.

A human female appeared in Qiao Xiu’s room and fell to the ground.She was wearing a magic robe which proves that physical strength was not her strong point.

In her hand there was a delicate short wand, on its end, there were some letters carved in it “Cirilla Loeder”.

This was her name.

She was a magic apprentice who travels around, because of economic difficulties, she hitched with one of the groups of caravan and was ready to go to Nolan and seek her sister’s help.

But Who knew that day there would be unforeseen circumstances, or it was just her luck was too bad; the caravan she was traveling with was not only got robbed by the bandits, but she was also kidnapped by a group of dangerous demons.

Whenever she recalled the scene of her abduction there was lingering fear.She was aware of crime demon’s existence, she only read one or two things about it slightly from the book.

When she truly confronted the danger of crime demon, the fear had already made her forget to breathe.

The demon kidnapped her and the villagers who survived, and put them in a cage.They still didn’t kill her

But what was waiting in the cage for them was not clear.Perhaps they would become the food of demons or would get sacrificed for a bloody ceremony.

Humanity’s impression of the devil was a cruel tyrant, she couldn’t let herself be stuck in prison, so she chose to use her most valuable artifact she had; a ring engraved with “teleport” operation.

Looking at the ring in her fingers turn into powder, her heart also turned to powder.

Three year’s worth of money in exchange for her life, it was worth it.

Cirilla tried to convince herself by this way, but she was still in the demon’s world and was surrounded by lots of demons of the underworld.

Escaping from cage wouldn’t mean anything if she doesn’t find a way back to the human world.

Cirilla looked at the room, and it was messy enough to make it look like some kind of junk room

Junk room …..there were many books lying around on the ground.

Maybe there’s a map of demon world?

Holding the idea, she began to look for it in the piles of books lying on the ground.

In this dangerous demon world, if she runs around without any plan, then she was undoubtedly looking for death.Cirilla’s courage had not yet reached this level.

As long as she was able to find the map, her chances of surviving would be more.

Therefore, she nervously began to look for the map in the piles of the book, and gradually, her search range spread from the ground to the desk.

Beauty and Devil?What is this?

A stack of papers on the desk caught the attention of Cirilla, more accurately it was the title on the white paper.

Curiosity was the thing which was essential to every wizard, and Cirilla was no exception to it.She stretched out her hand and opened the first page of the folded white papers.When she read the first line written on the paper, her attention was instantly attracted.

A long time ago, there was a businessman with three daughters.The businessman was a wise man and for the education of children…..

When she read the first paragraph, the idea of leaving the palace in her mind was completely disappeared, instead, it was filled with the pictures of the story written on the white paper.

As a magic apprentice, Cirilla had always thought the writing was a boring thing and its intention was to just record things.

The big magicians keep their record of latest discoveries in hard and difficult words.

The theories of magic were combined to turn into a book, in this world most books were like that, they were filled with all kinds of useful knowledge, but it would be so boring that it would make Cirilla sleep.

But, at this moment she made a shocking discovery, originally,…….reading was such an interesting thing.

What is the following development of the story?What happened to Belle’s father?Did Belle go to demon’s castle?

Similar questions were stuffed in her thoughts, it was just like a person who had not eaten food for a long time and finally tasted a good meal.

Just as she was vigorously reading, the story advanced to the scene where Belle confronted with the demon in the castle……Cirilla turned to next page and found that behind page was blank.

Why there is nothing?

In order to confirm, she turned next behind pages and discovered all were blank.The story suddenly stopped at the most wonderful scene.

She urgently wanted to know the afterward story, it made her mood sullen.

Who…who wrote this?

She now had the urge to find the author and force him to continue his writing.

It was only in next moment that Cirilla recovered herself.

She was in the demon world!That means the author was mostly a demon, and she was in the process of…..Escape!

My god!

It was too late for her to realize that she should rush to find a place to escape, rather than indulging in reading.

The door of the room was already slowly opening.


Qiao Xiu was returning alone to imperial palace from reception hall.

For the time being, the issue of the heroine was solved.The remaining big issue for the filming plan was the problem of the lens.

Qiao Xiu must soon find a way to solve the problem of editing in the original crystal.

It took him more than ten minutes to return back to the door of his room, even before he opened the door he detected there was someone inside his room …..little mouse?

Sure enough, the moment he opened the door, the magic elements in the room began to move restlessly, a huge impact raided Qiao Xiu, the candle in the room was instantaneously blown off from the impact.

From Qiao Xiu’s hand grey magic overflowed, and with just a gentle grasp, the impact made from magic dissipated in the void.

Although Qiao Xiu was weakest amongst his sibling, it doesn’t mean that Qiao Xiu was weak to the point of not having any combat capability.After all, Chaos demon was the race which was standing at the apex of all demons in the demon world.

The little mouse’s attack had not ended, a pale white inscription was flashing around her body.Several books floated on the air, it turned into her weapon and attacked Qiao Xiu.

Qiao Xiu’s pupil contracted, instantly from his hand gray magic overflowed, and crushed the magic around the books.

The magic characteristic of chaos demon was ‘chaos’, it does not only create chaos in its own magic, but it can also make enemy magic fall into the state of chaos.

“Didn’t your teacher teach you how to treat books?”

Qiao Xiu picked up the book which fell on the ground, he patted the dust on it and loudly said to the little mouse in the room.